Dedicated servers are the right solution for businesses that require optimum resources and maximum control over resources. Among reasons you might be looking for hosting on dedicated server India is that you want to have greater control over installation, features, customization and so on. Server hosting solution with right set of features will offer you all this and more. If you are planning to build multiple websites or multiple sub domains, a server hosting plan with resources dedicated to your site would be suitable for your business requirements. These are some of the things you would be expecting from a high performing dedicated server plan.

Compatibility with Operating System

Whichever OS you use you want that the hosting plan be able to accommodate it.  While Windows and LINUX are the two most popular choices, there are many other types of operating systems that businesses use. You would want that the hosting plan cater to your requirements perfectly and be in sync with the operating system you are using.

Control Panel 

Unfortunately, the importance of a control panel as part of their hosting service is often overlooked. When you are not using a fully managed dedicated server India plan, you would require that whatever hosting solution you have be easy to manage, customize, access, and control. On a smartly designed control panel, it would be easier to change settings, find information about accounts, and request additional services. Dedicated servers also offer advantage of having your own email accounts. This is a big boost for businesses looking for building better customer confidence. Email account that is not hosted at another domain goes a long way in impressing potential customers and clients. There are additional benefits, such as anti spam, auto responders, email forwarding, and unlimited number of email accounts. 

Data Center 

Data centre India location is of prime importance because this has an impact on the servers security and reliability. Servers need to be protected against online threats with firewalls. They also need to be protected on the ground, using security installations, closed circuit camera and so on. Additionally, using biometric authentication ensures that only people authorized to access the service can come into contact with them. Safety against fire, extreme climate, and grime is also a requirement.

Quick Account Activation

You want that account activation be fast and this can only be possible when you use hosting on dedicated server India offered by a reputable service provider. Your business does not have to wait, and you can be up and running as soon as required when the service provider responds promptly to your request.  

Many businesses want that they be able to have technical support any time of the night or day should they need it. The best dedicated server hosting provider ensures that that technical support is accessible at all times, so that businesses will never have a moment of anxiety.