As an emerging company, you may well be looking for a range of hosting options. 

In the market there are hundreds of web hosting companies. With a broad assortment of offerings, the choice is no doubt overwhelming.

The confusing part is each web host offers different amount of data transfer, email, storage capacity and other features. 

Even the payment mode varies from service to service. 

So how do you go about choosing a hosting service that best suits your business?

Many entrepreneurs have learnt through experience that a wrong choice of host can prove disastrous to their businesses, resulting in, among other things, loss of revenue, negative effect on SEO rankings, and not to mention security issues. 

It is understandable that as a smart businessperson you are keen that your website must be safe and accessible all year round. 

Generally, the focus boils down to choosing between Shared, Virtual Private Server, and Dedicated Server Hosting

But whichever be the type of service you choose, you are eager that certain underlying features but be in place, for example, excellent customer support, great uptime track record, ability to scale up, and above all good reputation. 

Shared web hosting is a low cost option. So, many experts recommend this choice as the best solution. 

In shared hosting, the provider serves, from a single web server, pages for multiple web sites each having a unique domain name. It is a cost effective way to create a web presence, but there are times you find the shared platform is inadequate for your needs. 

When you share a server, you are also sharing system resources with other users. And this places certain restrictions on the services; the main among them is performance. Other drawbacks include you cannot install modules and programs on the server, a need sometimes essential to run your website. 

In such circumstances, does your website need a dedicated server?

There is a business case to recommend dedicated server hosting. 

A dedicated server provides undeniable benefits like complete control, a much higher level of performance than a shared platform, plus flexibility and scalability. In a dedicated server environment, you rent a server form a hosting provider and enjoy exclusive use of that server’s resources. 

The hosting provider assists you in choosing CPU, RAM, and disk space, and even offers to deploy and maintain the server. All these benefits do away with the upfront expenses related to buying your own infrastructure.  

But here are two formidable benefits of dedicated server hosting that you must not ignore. 

Administrative access

In shared hosting, the provider does not allow you administrative access to the server. This can severely limit your capability to manage your website. With Dedicated server hosting you get root access that will enable you to install software and perform custom configurations. 

The user can even monitor usage of resources. 

Advanced level of customer support

For clients of dedicated server hosting, providers typically offer priority technical support. Response times are faster.

When your business gets a boost with consequent surge in traffic volumes, and when you need resource intensive applications, dedicated server hosting will prove to be the best solution.  And luckily for Dedicated Hosting, India has many firms offering outstanding performance. 

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