With customized dedicated server hosting high in demand, the focus on state-of-the-art data center is continuing to grow. 

As organizations persist in their quest to digitize their operations even more, the quality of data center and the professional skill of the staff will be the key consideration while choosing a hosting service.

Millions of users are online at any given moment. They are sharing more data and making use of more services than at any other time before. 

It is in this scenario, big data centers are sitting ahead of the curve - and for good reasons. They made use of cloud computing before others did and deployed systems that were capable of handling huge data, deliver speed and agility. 

But even with cloud computing the top trend today, dedicated server hosting is holding its own. 

Granted that cloud delivers easy scaling, is resilient and redundant, and works on pay-per-use model, it still has inadequacies in certain situations.  

Dedicated hosting, plugs the shortcomings of cloud, by offering full control, abundant disk space, cheap bandwidth and most of all by delivering high performance. 

Moreover, some clients are wary of storing data in a virtual environment, and for them physical servers give them a sense of security.  

The importance of a top notch data center for dedicated server hosting cannot be under estimated. 

The primary role of a data center is to house the entire infrastructure, including networking equipment to run and manage servers. Without a data center, even a small task of sending a simple enquiry would not be possible. It is for this reason there are thousands of data centers across the globe. 

But data centers today have to be powerful and all-inclusive to meet the diverse needs of consumers.
While server hosting, the location of a data center has a direct impact on its ability to provide reliable service. 

Other factors that are important while selecting dedicated server hosting include:

Value for money

All said the providers cost must fit into a budget. Even if price is not a dominant consideration, other features must fit to the specific needs of the user enterprise. 

If the service delivers as per SLAs, then dedicated hosting will prove its value for money in the long run. After all SLAs, or service level agreements are promises that are made for exchange for monetary considerations. 


It is important to know what others are saying about the web host. All providers promise the best, in terms of value, performance and technical support. But a genuine feedback from an existing or past user is the best yardstick to judge a hosting service. 

Hardware quality

Business applications run 24 x 7 x 365, and therefore must perform on hardware that is the best available. The last thing a client wants to experience is a component failure, causing an interruption in service. 

In the final say, it is for the company to decide what the right service for them is. When it comes to hosting, security can precede all other requirements. Here   dedicated server hosting is a notch above all other hosting platforms. 

For dedicated hosting, India has top class companies, a leading among them is Noida based CloudOYE.   

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