CloudOYE manages client demands effectively anyplace, any time. CloudOYE offers highly ascendable and secured IP-based call center features and services. Our solutions embrace network-based and managed call center service offerings, with choices to coalesce all communication channels, together with such as voice, email, text, and Web.

CloudOYE Call Center Solutions For Enhanced Productivity!

• Leverage Our World Network:

CloudOYE hosted Call Center Solutions integrate seamlessly with better MPLS network. Any caller who calls your call center service set-up, all the voice and data transport are managed effectively with best infrastructures, by enabling you with the most disciplined call centers. We manage flexible integration with each caller who calls us so that you have the best choices for up gradation to you at your own pace.

• Flexible Service Delivery

CloudOYE host its call center infrastructure and applications for progressive data center on the globe. With seamless access to our scientific network, you can simply avoid the constraints of any critical evaluation models and capital investment model or any on-demand evaluation structure.

• Network Routing

With CloudOYE leverage intelligent network routing across your TDM or IP-based network – or each – to adopt intelligent distribution features, together by prompting, queuing and system equalization for improved efficiency features.

• Network IVR

With CloudOYE hosting solutions you can, use your call center resources efficiently across the network-based decision queuing and automotive system management. Our high-end speech recognition and data integration feature help in achieving advanced and managed self-service platforms.

• On-Demand Call Center Feature

Our On-Demand call center provides call routing and queuing, with machine-driven outward dialing and synchronized screen platforms. We tend to support your customer’s objectives with customizable routing methods such as skills-based routing, intelligent queuing, remote agent support and decision recording. We provide a complete multi-operational call center services, based on our On-Demand Call center features that are trained in delivering the distinguishing features for each system. Plus, CloudOYE call centers are known for advanced tools and techniques which operate well with universal website operations, in an exceedingly distinct and seamless way.

• On-Demand eCenter

We host our call center infrastructure and applications at your distinguished networks that manages your tasks well. The sole On-Demand call center services reach customers across the bit points which include internet, chat, email, mobile, and alternative service mediums. The On-Demand eCenter brings all the client data center services inline with the data processing systems well. Our eCenter routes and handles email and chat inquiries on real-time basis, with constant inflow of voice calls. You can leverage comprehensive options by making a managed way of call center operation and business performance. With CloudOYE improved call center services that are managed with machine-driven Scripts, you can utilize the interactive functions of data quite well. With better automation and virtualization for handling the queue and round-the-clock support of automatic call management.


As our on-demand Hosted Call Center Solutions enhance productivity with lower cost, you can leverage the best features to drive best-in-class customer support platforms. With CloudOYE you can be one among the most effective data management call center business in Industry. Our advanced call center business operation features, can be a game-changer for you. Always count on us!