Ever since it was first launched, Salesforce Lightning has completely enamored the world of CRM development professionals in a major way. Salesforce Lightning is not just a modern and innovative skin but it also functions as a wholly different user interface that can be used by those who are looking to leverage the features of Salesforce.com. Most salesforce development companies in India strongly recommend working with Salesforce Lightning as the SFDC is made ready for mobile use even though it has not been mobile optimized yet.

The technical features associated with the Salesforce Lightning are completely different from what you can normally find with VisualForce and the Classic UI of SFDC. The engineering team associated with SFDC has worked for many years and gave a lot of thought into producing Salesforce Lightning and its technical infrastructure, APIs, documentation and tools so that it generates the best user experience.

Ask any Salesforce developer and he or she will be able to tell you that the Salesforce Lightning has got much faster than when it was first launched. Salesforce Lightning has got the potential to completely transform the CRM market with it state of the art features. It is ideal for system administrators, independent software vendors or ISVs and developers. Nevertheless, shifting to Salesforce Lightning is a major decision in itself and you should ask yourself if your company is ready for it.  

Deciding to shift to Salesforce Lightning

If you want to go ahead with Greenfield implementation of the Salesforce CRM, then you should definitely opt for the Salesforce Lightning. This approach does not involve the use of developers, system administrators and users that are traditionally associated with the Classic UI. The important thing about Salesforce Lightning is that it has been ideally made for SFDC users of the future. While it is true that there are numerous conceivable Greenfield situations that would work well with the Salesforce Classic at least for the moment, such possible advantages are going to disappear in a short span of time.

The short term advantages that are offered Salesforce Classic are going to be removed by the additional friction caused by moving to Salesforce Lightning sometime later. It is important for you to remember even if you choose to go with Salesforce Lightning starting from the very first day, you will need to have your system administrators learn working with the Salesforce Classic UI so that they can navigate through both the worlds easily.

How to migrate to Salesforce Lightning

Once you have made up your mind to have better results from using the Salesforce CRM by shifting to Salesforce Lightning, you need to plan your migration to it carefully. One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that you should not just ask your whole company to shift to Salesforce Lightning all at once. Moving to Salesforce Lightning can lead to a massive infraction which can lead to some adjustment problems. This means that you will need to simultaneously run the Salesforce Classic and the Salesforce Lightning for a sufficient span of time. Hence you should be ready for that.

Most Salesforce consulting companies in India will tell you that you should ideally move to Salesforce Lightning only when there is a valid business reason to do so. Just because you think that Salesforce Lightning is awesome, it is not a sufficiently good reason for you to move to it. So for instance if you think that your company’s Account Management department has to streamline its tasks and take on a more professional approach to deal with the ongoing relationships, you should opt for the inbox feature that comes with Salesforce Einstein as it can prove to be beneficial for you.

Usually the users that function as direct participants for one single business process component such as renewal order generation must be moved at the same time. However, many of the other users dealing with the bigger functions can keep on using the Salesforce Classic without any kind of issues.

It is important that you definitely consult a Salesforce customization company that can help you to decide whether Salesforce Classic or the Salesforce Lightning would be more suitable for you when you want to boost your business potential.