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Having celebrated its twentieth birthday only recently, Google has already become a towering search engine. Google is internet and internet is Google for most of the net users. This enormous status of Google is the result of painstaking efforts combined with a luck factor and of course a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Looking Back

The year 1998 witnessed beginning of a humble yet tedious voyage of Google that was destined to grow into a transnational technological giant corporation in the span of just two decades. Born in the dormitory of Stanford university Google is used by every netizen everyday and “Google it” has become a standard answer to an amazing array of problems.
Of course Google also had its own generous share of failures, dramatic events, and encouraging moments. Having shared a great deal of disagreements during their first interaction at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin never thought that they were to embark upon a historical partnership, the very next year.
The duo started their work on the early version of search engine named as BackRub as the page ranking was to be assessed on the amount of back-links. In order to experiment on the search engine they used servers at University that were to clog the entire bandwidth in time to come.
This event coincided with renaming of the search engine as Google in 1997. Interestingly, the term Google owes its genesis to GOOGOL which is a number with one followed by hundred zeroes. The name Google reflects the noble and gigantic mission of integrating every bit of information on the World Wide Web.
Silicon Valley was already abuzz with the path-breaking development work done by Larry and Sergey. One of the most influential figure from Palo Alto who made an offer of one hundred thousand dollars was none other than Sun’s co-founder Bechtolsheim.

This is how Google Inc. was formed and the hunt for more investors also started. The humble beginning of this conglomerate that has its offices across the globe in fifty countries today can be traced back to a garage space.
Google’s history has an interesting milestone that marks the decision to sell the business because Sergei and Larry were more interested in pursuing academics than running a business. However, they dropped this idea only because there were no takers for their offer of one million dollars since it sounded outlandish to the prospective buyers including George Bell who was a CEO at

Google had no difficulty finding investors as the two venture capital companies that were each other’s close competitors happily accepted the offer and instantly joined the exciting partnership.

Fall Of Competition

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Fall Of Competition

The only company that could have challenged Google’s progress was Yahoo that actually rejected offers from Google including a one million buyout offer. This can be termed as the most unfortunate decision on part of Yahoo. Yahoo failed to recognize the immense potential of search engine because it was more than happy with its own base of directories as people could get answers to their queries and check mails as well.

Google Adwords has undoubtedly contributed a lion’s share to its present status, although during its initial phase, Google sought Yahoo’s assistance for three billion dollars. Yahoo committed a second blunder by turning down the offer as Google’s PPC service continued to earn huge returns.
Actually, Yahoo had chalked out plans to finish Google by building an entirely new search engine by roping in Inktomi and Overture that operated as an ad revenue company and a search engine respectively. History is a witness to fall of Yahoo in years to come.

Unstoppable And Undisputed Leader

Beginning 2000, Google embarked upon a campaign to launch an array of innovative solutions that were designed to earn it an unparalleled reputation as the most reliable search engine.  MentalPlex offered users a power of a predictive each while doodle series made sure that its users were kept well informed with engaging content. This followed launch of AdWords, Google toolbar, and so forth.

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Turn of the century, marked a fast-forward phase in Google’s history as it’s very first overseas office was opened in Tokyo and made an exciting addition of Google images to its rich portfolio. These events were responsible for making what Google is today, an undisputed leader and a global giant.

Growth And Expansion

Growth And Expansion

The most visible sign of Google’s growth was its overcrowded Palo Alto office that was struggling to contain staff of more than eight hundred workers. The new plush office of Google in California is testimony to the same. More and more acquisitions, new product launches, and new service offerings helped Google’s exponential growth. Thus includes the Gmail, the most popular email service and Picasa a free tool for sharing photos and pictures.

Confluence Of Talents

Stanford University grads, Sergey and Larry deserve to be the most prominent names in the history of Google. Similarly, Sundar Pichai who also happens to be ex-Stanford has risen to the level of CEO and has contributed development of default web browser Google Chrome.

Google is home to a vast spectrum of talents from across the world as there have been more than one hundred odd companies and a multicultural employee base of around ninety thousand employees working in offices across fifty countries.
Google is not resting on its laurels as it continues to scale new pinnacles of success with every passing year to become the most sought after organizer of terabytes of information.

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