Website design has been one of the most important parts of the website for every individual, organization, company or start-up who wants to be seen by their customers. It is not something that has been caught in through a wind draft but it has been proven through polls and backed by data. 

Why do businesses Need the Best Practices in Web Design? 

It has been seen that 48% of the people who browse the internet believe that website design is the number one factor that decides the credibility of any business or website. Cloud hosting also helps in simplifying business processes and increase productivity for website designing. Hence focus on real time collaboration and security through cloud hosting.The website owner may think differently but it has been seen that every customer knows what a good website is and what websites leave them dazed, frustrated and confused. Leaving your customers frustrated and confused will never work in favor of your business.

It has also been seen through the study that three-quarters of customers or internet users have based the credibility of any company based on their website design and they base their judgment due to 3 main factors:

- 89% of the customers search the web before buying a product.

- 75% of internet users judge the company's credibility based on the design of their websites.

- 94% of the first impression of any online customer is driven by the design of the website.

This shows how important web design best practices have become and how every business needs to improve their website design to increase traffic on their websites. 

Best practices in web design not only helps to increase traffic but they are also important from increasing conversion rates for your business, as simply increasing traffic will not help you to generate revenue for your company. 

10 Web Design Best Practices Which Would Help to Grow Your Business

In times of rapid development in the field of online marketing and the vast competition among online businesses and e-commerce companies has made consumers much more knowledgeable and too impatient regarding browsing websites for products they want to purchase. 

Therefore web design best practices are very important for each online business to remain in competition with their competitors so that they can increase the traffic as well as the conversion rate of their websites. 

Web design is an umbrella term that indicates the total process of creation of a website which includes its layout, content and graphic design. Best practices in web design can be best understood through website design companies but in this article, I would like to target small businesses who think that they cannot afford or might not need the support of a website design company. Some of the 10 best practices in web design beneficial for businesses are given below:

Provide Best User Experience It is one of the most core efficiencies that every website must offer to its users which is functional web design. The more intuitive the layout you create for the user, the more enhanced is the user experience. One can make their page better by narrating a compelling story for their brand in addition to the product that you want to sell. This can be better anticipated by seasoned web designers who understand your target market better. The most important thing for designing the user experience is to put the designer in the consumer's shoes and think of ways that will add value to meet the business and customers' needs.

Simplification of the Layout – There is a huge demand for simplicity of the website as flashy and complicated websites have been rejected many times by the users or customers. It is very important to keep in mind while designing a website that every type of user like people who are not intimate with the idea of web browsing can also understand the directions and information provided by the website so that they can accomplish the most important task of buying products from your website.

Smooth Navigation – The navigation again has to be kept simple and minimal for users on your website so that it becomes easier for the user to find what they are looking for on the website. Optimization of the user experience is the most important principle of best practices in website design especially for developing nations like ours where users are still not too comfortable using online modes of buying products.

Steady Branding - The branding of any business website is one of the most important parts of designing any website. It the brands which the customers remember like logos or tag line more than the actual company name. Therefore the branding has to be consistent, simple yet attractive as it will be the symbol with which your customer will identify your business. The logos and colors throughout the website have to be synonymous with the brand symbol so that the brand is visible in every facet of the website.

A Sturdy Call to Action (CTA's) – Websites were created in the first place to attract the attention of target customers from a host of other websites to find interest in your product or brand as well as further communicate it with likeminded individuals. Therefore the CTA has to be the strong point of your website design as it will allow you to convert a possible visit to be your next client as well as lead to further your business. The CTA's should be well planned like signups for a case study, newsletters, as well as consultation even before you start designing your website.

Multiple Device Compatibility - Every website designer has to keep in mind that their customers might view the website in any form of device which may be a mobile, tablet, laptop, PC, smart TV and more. Therefore, one can pique the viewer's interest only when your website can be viewed at its best form in any of the devices mentioned above. Any potential customer will stop engaging with your website as soon as they find out that the content of the website doesn't fit properly in their device. This may lead to an utter loss in customers and is a very important facet of website designing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Best Practices – SEO best practices are very important for every website as it will help you to place your website in a higher-ranked position in search results. Placing yourself higher in search results not only attracts more customers but best practice in SEO will help to increase target consumer visitor which will increase the conversion rate of your website.

Quick Loading Time – The loading time of any website is a major factor as in this age of high-speed internet no customer would have the patience to wait for your website to load for more than 10 seconds. Therefore the web designer has to inculcate the design which would require the least loading time for any visitor to your website.

High-Quality Images and Videos – The website is 70% of visual depiction of your business and therefore without attractive videos and image content your website will be as boring and unattractive as a print newspaper. 

Social Media – One of the most powerful marketing tools of our time which is social media can never be left out in a modern website and options of linking the customer's social accounts with your business website will surely boost your marketing needs.

You can implement all the above 10 best practices by using a premium page builder plugin like Elementor Pro which has advanced features than its free version 


How Will The Culture Of Website Designing In The Gurgaon Region Prove To Be Beneficial?

The amount of online businesses that have grown in recent times especially in the Gurgaon area has also increased the competition among the e-commerce companies as well as other businesses. This article is written for businesses to understand the current market of website designing company in Gurgaon and the important factors which would help businesses especially e-commerce companies to gain from web design best practices which would ultimately help them in increasing their revenue.

A Culture of Website designing in Gurgaon might be profitable in the following ways:

It will be a boon for businesses and start-ups that have come up in the area to get better services of website design for their businesses.

- It will be a boon to the digital marketing and website designing companies too to increase their clientele and boost web design best practices among Indian companies. 

- Website designing in Gurgaon will help the website designing companies to attract national as well as international clientele and businesses so that they can be provided with digital marketing services locally on a global scale.

- This culture of website designing in Gurgaon will also provide cost-effective services to the local clients and star-ups that had to earlier hire expensive international companies to fulfill their website design requirements. 

- Best practices in web design would be possible among the local companies which would also help the local businesses to boost their brand loyalty and brand awareness.

- Adapting to web design best practices would help the businesses as well as the digital marketing companies to boost their presence in the huge global online market for better online prospects rather than depending only on local markets.

This article was written to provide you with some nuances of website designing best practices available and how you should utilize it to expand your business.