Internet and search engines have coexisted from time immemorial. However, in spite of arriving late on the scene Google has surpassed all other search engines to become the most sought after destination for information.

Key Features Of Search Engines

A software program that is designed to sift through millions of web pages and deliver the required information can be termed as a search engine. It is built by integrating multiple components that include display format, search fields, and Boolean expressions to name a few.

A search engine basically leverages a database and spider software to find the most relevant results and display these as ranked results by applying various algorithms. The term Google owes its origin to the mathematical expression Googol meaning one hundred zeroes placed after a digit of one.

Birth of a Monarch

Larry page and Sergey Brin founded Google while studying at Stanford University. Their brainchild BackRub was a program aimed at leveraging number of back links as a measure to rank pages by search engine. This lead to the development of search engine that was smart enough to rank pages based on back links, significance of pages as well as their relevance.
Till the time Google was developed, conventional search engines only calculated the number of times a given keyword is used in a page for assigning ranks. Keyword frequency gave way to smarter ranking parameters designed by Sergei and Brin as the development of Google continued without any significant financial support.

Early Investors

Funding for the project was to come from none other than Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder at Sun Microsystems. But this was only after Google had been polished by the duo by improving it to the great extent. After receiving the initial financial support, Google was officially registered as Google Inc so that the check could be deposited.
This was followed by a string of contributions from venture capitalists including Jeff Bezos, co-founder at Amazon. Google was initially launched as a test version in 1998. And the search engine was resolving around ten thousand search requests every day.

By the turn of century, Larry Page could achieve the status of an inventor as PageRank technology was awarded a patent

Fascinating Journey To The Top

Can you believe, the very first place that served Google as an office was nothing but a rented garage space? The space was sublet for the period of ten months by Susan Wojcicki, current CEO at YouTube. In fact she joined Google in the early days to become its sixteenth staff member.

Google has achieved position as the number one search engine with Google Inc having the status of the largest tech giant. However, the initial development was essentially done with a shoestring budget from a garage space. Google moved to its first office at Palo Alto as the enterprise went public and embarked upon a grand success plan.
In the early days of development, Google was able to amuse a large number of investors and IT professionals across the Silicon Valley. The first funding from Sun’s cofounder came as a pleasant surprise to the duo that did not even have a bank account for depositing the check.

For Sale

This is perhaps the most interesting part of Google’s story. Sergey and Brin were rather more interested to work in academics rather than running a software company. In their search for a prospective buyer for Google they decided to sell it off for one million dollars. This price was for a tech giant of today with $800 billon as its market value at NASDAQ.
With no buyer in sight, they decided to go public and run the company after the product was developed to its fullest. This also attracted two rival Venture Capital companies that forgot their rivalry to become part of Google Inc.
Their offer was turned down with raised eyebrows as buyers felt the price was outrageously high. Although, those guys must be repenting to this date for not having made a decision to buy a company that was soon to rule the entire world.
One of such buyers was none other than George Bell who himself owned and operated a search engine named as He thought that the offer was way too big and even after frequent follow up requests did not accept the same.

Growth And Ethics

It must be noted that in spite of an amazing track record, Google has never faltered on its ‘Do no evil’ policy. It was decided that employees at Google would never exhibit any bias and perform their work without any conflict of interests.
Google went through the phase of rapid growth around the year 2000 as a fascinating string of products were launched that included Google Chrome, Drive, Docs and the most popular email platform Gmail. In addition these products and services, Google also acquired some of the most celebrated services such as YouTube.
In 2015, Google Inc was restructured with Alphabet as its parent company that is being headed by President Sergey Brin and Larry as CEO. Sundar Pichai, an Indian origin technocrat has been elevated to replace Larry as Google’s CEO.

Way Forward

Google is consistently scaling new heights with a fascinating array of technological innovations. It has become the most sought after search engine with no close competition in sight. Google is making waves with its cloud hosting services, ad technologies, and an impressive assortment of internet associated products. Although, the very first objective of Google was to deliver search results, Google is well on its way to rule the world as the most trusted tech company of the future.