Everyone wants to have an esthetic website. If we talk about websites, there are billions of websites available as of today. Having a website is not an enormous task; a superior website with traffic that generates revenue is an enormous deal. The traffic comes from social media, search engines, and the backlinks which you create on other websites.

SEO plays a vital role in making your website visible on search engines and increasing its reach to potential customers. SEO, no doubt takes time and requires patience, if done properly, it ranks your website higher on search engines. There is one tool that professionals use regularly and that is AHREF’s. In this blog, I will let you know why to use AHREF’s

AHREF’s is a single platform that helps you in checking backlinks, keywords research, link building, and many more. Using AHREF’s tool, you can monitor your website and your competitors’ website. This makes your planning easy and effective. All experts recommend the use of AHREF’s tools.

Following are the tools available in AHREF’s

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the initial and a paramount point that is taken into consideration while making a strategy and planning for a website. In this you can target unfamiliar countries; the keywords tool will help you in finding related keywords. Besides this, it displays search volumes and CPC, etc. An option of keyword filters is also provided so that you can filter the keywords and search suggestions. AHREF’s tool helps you in targeting appropriate keywords that result in generating traffic, boosting up your revenue.


If you are looking to exalt the SEO of your website, content is pivotal. Content deserves traffic from search engines and social media. AHREF’s content explorer tool helps you in exploring the content that belongs to your niche and the option of a filter as per location is also available. The time you enter a keyword in the tool, germane content to a niche will be displayed.

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AHREF’s tool makes your research easy; you can research the word count, the flow of writing, and images to be used. These are the very important factors that may turn your page into a popular one. You can boost up your social shares by covering various topics in your content. This will help you in attracting more visitors and customers, resulting in traffic for your website.

Rank Checker

The AHREF’s tool rank checker enables you to check your rank based on the keyword and the location. You can also check your rank for peculiar keywords. This helps you in differentiating keywords that suit you with those that don’t. It shows the keywords which are ranking higher.

The best part of AHREF’s tool is it displays different rankings for different platforms. E.g., for mobile, it will show different ranking and for desktop different, this enables you to emphasize on your desired platform and lets you know where more work needs to be done. 

To track your progress, you can check the reports in the graph form. An option of scheduling your report via email is available. You can monitor your competitors’ website, and draft your content based on the related keywords.

Backlink Checker

If you want to check the SEO of your website, backlinks will let you know the rest. AHREF’s tool gives you an idea where you can post, to get quality backlinks. Link growth graphs will let you analyze the performance and overview of the growth of the backlinks. More information on backlinks like which backlinks are Do-follow, No-follow, inbound links, and outbound links with an overview of the referring domains will also be provided by this tool.

AHREF’s also take care of your broken links with the help of broken backlink checker and backlinks anchor text as broken backlink gives a negative impact on SEO. You can also filter the backlinks with the help of intersecting analysis that grants you the list of competitors’ backlinks.

Draft relevant content after getting in touch with the website owners to get quality backlinks. Check the broken links of the competitors by taking the help of the broken link checker tool and after that reach out to the webmasters to grant you a backlink.

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It’s a useful tool from which you can generate keywords and can target several countries. In this, you can also decide keywords to target on original locations, volume and click, etc. AHREF’s tool has the largest number of keyword volume database. You can target the relevant keywords that will help you narrow down the keyword suggestion.


It is an imperative tool that gives you an idea about the website associated with it. It will provide you the details and data about the organic and paid traffic, helping you in deciding where to focus. In the AHREF’s tool, you can research and filter the backlinks based on the link type and platforms, getting a detailed analysis of the same. The information provided can be sorted based on the VR & DR that grants you the juicy links from the same website.

In AHREF’s tool, there is an organic keyword section that allows you to scrutinize the competitors’ keywords. Besides this, you can also know what paid keywords your competitors use and bid on. With this, you can plan your Ad Sense budget and can reach a wider audience by targeting keywords. If you want to research for the outbound links, you can go ahead. It allows you to monitor your performance while scrutinizing the strategies of competitors. 

Site Issues

There are certain problems that every website face; they can be 302 issues, HTTP time outs, and long URLs. You can inspect these issues over here and if any problem arises, you can stabilize it by using the solution which AHREF’s tool provides. I will recommend you take the help of AHREF’s tool while planning for SEO. If you want to compare different domains and want to find out the similarities and differences among the tool, take the help of AHREF’s tool.

Take Away

Looking for the best result of SEO, use AHREF’s tool that has vast keywords and domain databases in the form of data, graphs, and charts. There are many companies doing SEO, representing themselves as an SEO expert and showcasing their skills and abilities, but keep one thing in mind, firstly research and analyze everything.

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Author Bio: Shivani Sharma works as a Digital Marketing Executive at Intiqo, one of the leading custom web design/development companies. Her expertise lies in implementing SEO driven organic searches and formulating marketing strategies for business.