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Beatz is a social networking community script that allows the users to build and develop one’s own band website of their favorite artists. It is an online community script that allows the users to share, discuss and learn about new artists. The software uses the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) technology. The software acts as a connecting link between the artist and their listeners.

Artists can register or signup for free and share their talents by creating blogs and exhibiting their upcoming albums, videos and releases while providing music related information. They can add photos, add fans, create customized profile page etc. They can write blogs, create friends list, send and receive messages, get statistics about today’s views and many similar activities.

Music lovers and listeners in turn can register and create customized profiles with music tracks, comment on blogs, join the groups of their favorite artists, comment on photos, express their views on new releases and photos though comments etc. They can post ticket about photo uploads or edits, get statistics about the artists:

Features of Beatz:

- Easy to install allows Mootool based slideshow.
- Ajay based tab menus and a powerful search feature.
- XSPF button player with an impressive Noobslide.
- Ability to grab YouTube videos using games.
- Embed YouTube videos, upcoming musical releases and featured videos.
- Users can create their personalized profiles like Myspace.
- Create videos of top artists, upload MP3 music files.
- Report abuse, in built support center, global configuration etc.

Beatz is an open source script with no encryption and released under the free GPL license under Creative Commons. The software runs on Linux and Windows operating system and comes with the ability to setup cron tasks. Beatz requires the websites to run on PHP version 5 or higher and MySQL version 5 or higher.

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