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Bluefish is a high performance yet lightweight editor, designed for developers and programmers. It presents multiple options to write programming code, websites, and scripts. Bluefish also supports several markup and programming languages including WordPress, HTML, Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript, MediaWiki, XML, Shell CSS and many more. Bluefish enjoys remarkable compatibility with poplar desktop operating systems such as OpenBSD, Solaris, MacOS-X, Linux, and FreeBSD to name a few. It offers multiple document interface to facilitate working on several projects concurrently.

Being a GUI editor Bluefish aims to be lightweight and clean while enabling loading of hundreds of files and offers powerful performance irrespective of devices. It provides multiple document interfaces and has been tested to open more than 10000 pages concurrently.

Bluefish supports multi-tasking by facilitating developers to work on multiple projects at a time and restores settings for each project automatically. It also offers multi-threaded support for remote files and robust ‘search and replace’ functionality.

Bluefish facilitates auto recovery of changes if modified documents are lost due to crash or shutdown and supports advanced text processing or error detection by integrating with external programs.

Bluefish is focused at web-developers and programmers and provides several options to write programming code, websites, and scripts. It offers support for multiple markup and programming languages. It is a multi-platform solution that can run on common operating systems including Windows, Linux, OpenBSD, and Free BSD just to name a few.

Bluefish is enriched with wealth of features for enabling easy programming. Its HTML editor is a remarkable example of a feature rich and user-friendly application even for users with little technical knowledge. It has an excellent potential to become a valuable tool for production. It supports developers with its rich functionalities that can speed up the development process to a great extent. Blue fish also empowers developers with a plethora of time saving tools.

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