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Big Data as a Service (BDaaS)

What is Big Data as a Service?

Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) is the term utilized for the delivery of statistical data, tools, and information by a third-party provider to an organization so it can understand and apply the insights gained from all these to gain a competitive advantage over others.

While it is a new term, one that many people are not familiar with yet, but it is an apt description for a new, rapidly growing market. Over the last few years, many businesses have come up that offer Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) solutions to companies looking to solve their big data issues.

An immense amount of data is generated daily – big data refers to the use and analysis of this data. In the business sense, it refers to applying the insights gained from the analysis of this data to shape and drive business growth.

The main aim of this type of service is freeing up organizational resources by utilizing the predictive analytics skills of an outside provider to manage and assess huge sets of data. These organizations save on the costs of hiring in-house staff to manage such functions. Along with removing this upfront hiring expense, they can also eliminate the costs related to the storage and management of large quantities of information. The provider takes care of all these issues and leaves the client free to concentrate on core business issues. The provider also takes on the costs related to compliance issues and data protection. The client pays either for the time spent on using their services or the amount of data crunched.

What are the important hosting requirements of big data?

1) Robust Infrastructure

Big data systems are often resource-intensive. They involve workloads that vary from time to time and, therefore, need immense processing power for analyzing the data. Hybrid hosting solutions can work best in such a scenario. Hybrid big data hosting solutions combine the performance of dedicated servers with the scalability offered by the cloud to handle large deployments.

2) Enhanced Performance

Big data systems are highly demanding in terms of data rendering and processing. And that’s where a hybrid solution comes into the picture. While dedicated servers do the heavy lifting, cloud servers offer the flexibility and scalability required to manage deployments.

Big data hosting solutions should be able to manage complex processing needs while avoiding risks like shared I/O that can hamper performance.

3) Foolproof Security

Security becomes critical when it comes to big data systems. Hybrid hosting solutions help deal with compliance issues that may arise from the storage of big data.

Premium big data server hosting providers can deal with these issues as they employ advanced security measures to minimize and eradicate vulnerabilities. They also have robust backup and disaster recovery plans in place to secure crucial business data. 

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