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A bot is nothing but a computer program that talks to you like a human would. So, the bot is really any application which can do an automated task like telling you about the current weather or setting an alarm. The Internet bot is software for automated tasks, typically for performing the more mundane and repetitive tasks which would otherwise be time consuming or boring for humans. While the bot can be used for productive work and to save time, it can also be misused for malicious purposes.

The search engine spider is a classic example of bot. These are designed to browse the Internet and index new web pages for the search engine. The malicious bots are designed to act like part-bot and part-virus and these are mainly used for launching DoS attacks and identity thefts. As far as using bots by sites are concerned, there are sites which feel that these are beneficial because they work like search engine spiders and index data about products making them useful for promoting shopping offers. There are e-commerce sites which ban such bots but the creators of the bots believe that these offer useful services to users.

In today’s age, bots are very useful because they help us perform a variety of jobs easily; you can order for meals or shop for clothes using the bots. You can find restaurants using a bot. some of the bots even talk as humans and this makes you feel like you are actually communicating with another person to get information you need, instead of simply typing in your requests on a keyboard. With the use of artificial intelligence the bots are likely to get even “smarter”.

You will find these chat bots on many apps for messaging like the Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Even Twitter has bots which may reply to you; however these will not provide any assistance features. Many developers feel strongly that as people are becoming tired of apps, they will slowly prefer using bots. Rather than having too many apps on your smartphone, you could install one having many bots to make your work simpler.

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