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A Blog is an abbreviation of Weblog. The websites which maintain an updated and continuous chronicle of information is called Blog.

What is Blog Hosting?

Blog hosting is hosting websites which come under this category of Weblog. These websites features regular updates as posts or individual entries, providing current information to the website visitors. Presently, there are many different options available for blog hosting. It may make blog hosting feel like a difficult task. 

Blog hosting must have features that allow the user to install and use blog software. It must have access to software such as WordPress, Typepad, Nucleus, b2evolution etc. Blog hosting also must provide features of Database support, such as MySQL, Scripting support, such as PHP, Easy one click installation facility, such as Fantastico and Big storage space with scalable bandwidth. 

How to Choose a Blog Host?  

The first and foremost option an user must decide whether he/she wishes to create a blog with free web hosting or wants to invest a sum of money in procuring the services of blog hosting service provider who provides hosting service in exchange of money.  Free web hosting to host blogs is good for personal blogs, involving family and friends. It is sufficient to cater to all blog hosting requirements needed by the user. Some of the free blog hosts provide user friendly interfaces to the users to easily post their blogs in the websites even with limited or no technical knowledge.

These web hosting pre activates all blog software, ready to use for the users and the users need not hassle with technicalities of database configuration or script installation. They also provide the users some selection of templates so that the users can alter the appearance of their blogs to suit their personal tastes. The advertisements running in these websites remain the only source of generating revenue for the host, so they cannot be removed by the user. 

Paid blog hosting is ideal for professional bloggers, who use blogging as a source of income. Users have their own domains here and can customize the blogs. Adding advertisement to the blogging site would help the user to generate funds. These hosting are capable to accommodate larger traffic of website visitors, with options to install bigger software.

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