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BIGACE is free and open source Content Management System that is comparatively a new entrant in the domain of CMS. BIGACE is written in PHP and can serve as an excellent foundation for developing own CMS. BIGACE is regarded for a user friendly and high speed experience. It is an extremely flexible CMS(Content Management System) option since it can be easily customized to match individual needs.

BIGACE is designed for multiplicity in all aspects because it supports multiple users, multiple sites, and even multiple languages. It sports an elegant admin panel that empowers users with control of site’s content as well as layout. It also enables site’s content to be delivered rapidly, thanks to its smart page caching. The user friendly and built-in WISYWIG facilitates ease of editing.

BIGACE is regarded as a straight-forward and simple content management system that can support few pages and blog of the website. It offers a visual display in isolation from content so that there is no messing up with design by content editors. It supports automatic generation of menus and enables different themes for every page. BIGACE offers broad spectrum of built-in Smarty TAGs to customize template files without hassles.

Users are able to manage users and groups with ease and also define group based user permissions as well as import and export rights. BIGACE offers pluggable authentication backend.

BIGACE also enables hierarchical content structure with wide range of size and depth. Users can add multiple versions of languages to content and also facilitate support to different types of content such as files, menus, and images. It provides integrated file manager with capabilities of uploading and also provide full text search by catchwords, description, name, and page content.

Users can select offline maintenance mode for short period. BIGACE provides template API and module for unrestricted expandability and enables integrated site analytics and stats. BIGACE is the right CMS for development workloads and offers broad choice of opportunities to enhance features and create a unique platform.

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