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Online backup, also called as backup-as-service or cloud backup is a process of offsite storage of data in which folders, files, or all other hard drive contents are backed up on computer or remote server through network connection. The main purpose behind the online backup is quite simple that is to secure information, whether it is personal or business data. Protect information from any kind of loss, including hacking, fire, theft, or any technological disasters.

Here are Top Five Advantages of Online Backup –

• Convenience

Accessibility provided via online backup is something that is indisputable. Although, data storage can be done on transportable devices like flash drives or hard drives, even when they need physical/manual handling. As long as internet connectivity, online backup is easily accessible from all across the globe.

• Safety

When your data is secured in cloud, there is no threat of flood, theft, or fire. As data is stored on encrypted servers so it minimizes the data risks that can incur. Though, you can’t depend on every cloud storage, as only a few online storage are reliable and provides best online backup service to the clients.
• Recovery Ease

Owing to the various redundancy levels, if in case data is deleted or lost by a user error, backups can be found easily. Numerous redundancy levels means online backup stores various data copies at different locations.

• Ease of Access

Cloud don’t have a single physical location, so remoted access is feasible and simple advantage to the online backup. As you connect to remote server, then you can access the complete data stored in cloud without doing anything differently.

• Affordability

Backup based on cloud could be less costly in comparison to server, tape drives, and software and hardware elements cost that are much needed for backup.

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