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OpenKM is a free Document Management System (DMS) that offers a web interface to facilitate the management of arbitrary files. It includes Lucene indexing, a content repository, and jBPM workflow. It was developed using Java.

It is operate under GNU General Public License. Since it is a web managed DMS, the user requires only a web browser to be able to use it. It currently supports Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

Its architecture allows it to work on any operating system, like Linux, Unix, or Windows. Most developers, however, recommend using Linux to operate it. The user can store data in either a directory or any RDBMS like Oracle, MySQL, etc.

Some features of OpenKM are as follows:

• It allows users to control the flow of documents and gives them the ability to reuse information. This enhances efficiency manifold.
• It offers an easy to use solution that incorporates documents management, collaboration, and advanced search functionalities.
• It helps the user to build a robust, valuable repository of corporate informational assets that helps in knowledge creation and enhanced productivity through shared practices.
• The user is able to collect information from any digital source, and can easily collaborate with their colleagues on projects and documents.
• OpenKM’s management system captures, manages, and offers access to records at any time the user desires.
• It provides a workflow engine that helps the user to define and reuse business logic, thus simplifying the various business processes and helping the employees to be able to coordinate better with both the company and between themselves.
• The user can apply validation rules and some specific actions that can be performed on documents without any human intervention.
• It provides an interoperable platform that the user can utilize to capitalize resources across enterprise-wide repositories and applications.

It also offers a partner program that helps create mutually beneficial relationships that can enhance the overall success of the OpenKM ecosystem.

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