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ownCloud is a self-hosted file sync and share server that gives its users access to their data through a web interface or vis WebDAV. It is a platform which gives individuals total control to view, sync and share their data across various devices.

Features of ownCloud:

It is an open source file storage system that gives the users complete privacy and security allowing them total control and access from any device.

It comes with a single interface which gives the users total freedom to use from anywhere and at any time.

It allows better collaboration where the users can access and contribute to files created by themselves or shared by others. They can add comments, suggestions etc. that can be integrated in the day to day business activity.

ownCloud offers enhanced security by encrypting the data being transmitted. Other features include password protection, link expiration, anonymous and full access sharing.

Administrators have control to manage and keep a track and audit the files that are being shared across multiple users.

Allows the users to sync and access their files across laptops or mobile devices even while on the move. ownCloud monitors all the changes that are being made and saves it across all the devices and among all the users.

Creates a file favorite on the server where users can store their frequently used files saving time.

Individuals working from different locations on a common project can divide their workload, create a folder, tag and share the files among the group.

ownCloud is free and open-source written in PHP and JavaScript and licensed under AGPL version 3. It is a popular online storage and data synchronization server with over 8 million users across the globe. ownCloud was initiated by Frank Karlitschek, in the year 2010 as an alternative to the proprietary storage services

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