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OpenERP or Odoo refers to a comprehensive business applications suite that includes CRM, sales, project management, manufacturing, financial management, warehouse management and human resources among other things. OpenERP provides greater than 1000 modules and is available in clouds or even on-site; it is best suited for the smaller and medium sized companies. Given that there are more than 1000 downloads per day, OpenERP or Odoo is perhaps one of the most widely used open source platforms. It is backed by a dynamic community and is flexible. It can be customized to suit your requirements and is very easy to use as well.

When your exiting ERP does not have the functions you need, you should choose OpenERP or Odoo because if provides a huge range of functions capable of catering to different kinds of business requirements. Since it is supported by an active community, the functionality keeps increasing. OpenERP is also modular and you may begin using it with just a few modules and then keep adding more when you get benefits of the integrated solutions. The OpenERP is also based upon updated and advanced technology; these are also continuously developed as well as adapted to the most recent paradigms.

You can get a new ERP system when you can reduce costs like operating costs, inventory costs, administrative costs and maintenance costs. Besides this obvious advantage of choosing the OpenERP, you can also enjoy benefits like on-time deliveries, better outputs and reduced cycle time. You can also be sure about the availability of on-demand reports which may take months to be produced in other situations. Furthermore, as there are no licensing fees, you are free to spend your total budget on implementing and customizing this OpenERP. If you have multiple ERPs, you may face a problem of consolidation; but the OpenERP will allow a business to unify its processes easily. 

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