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Open Real Estate is a free script CMS which builds real estate websites for agencies and realtors. It is written in JavaScript and PHP and is the real estate website software which connects real estate owners to prospective buyers.

Open Real Estate is based on Yii framework which makes it a very fast and modern framework. It is easy to use, administrate and provide fast results. Open Real Estate provides modern technological instrument for site building and it does not have any bugs. Some of its features are stated below:

1- It adds listing of property for sale and rent in different currencies
2- It enables easy viewing of property images
3- It has simple and more effective design
4- It enables you to book property online
5- It offers simpler panel control
6- Easy search through listings
7- It has a convenient interface
8- SEO optimization enables better indexing by search engine and provides flexible setting
9- Its modular structure allows you to use only the modules that you intent to use
10- Easy to install and keeps itself up to date

Open Real Estate is widely used by web developers and it constantly updates itself to provide a better experience to the users. It has integrated blogging, highly customized templates, configuration of search capabilities, search engine optimization.

Open Real Estate is a modern, secure product which has high speed and is widely preferred for its qualities. It is a business solution that enables the real estate agencies and agents to increase their profits. A modern secure product which is all about buying, renting, selling or changing of real estate properties. It is world’s leading Real Estate open source CMS application. It’s easy to use and administrate quality makes it a much better choice than others.

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