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Open Atrium is a platform developed by the American company, Phase2 Technology. It is an online collaboration and task management tool that maintains confidentiality with colleagues by convenient collaboration among them. It is based on Drupal, which is an open source software used to make websites, knowledge management and business collaboration. It can be used by people even if they do not have any technical skills.

Open Atrium provides many features to its users like creating flexible groups, team, storage and allow them to share documents and content editing access.

It is completely modular and provides the flexibility of changing the features, configured and expanded depending on the need of different applications.

Allows Segmentation by Dividing Space, Sections and Subsections

Using Open Atrium administrator can help you carry out segmentation by setting up private space, sections and subsection at the time of installation. So the information or any document related to that department can be stored or viewed by that department or board members. Some organizations conduct meetings with Open Atrium as it is a more collaborative way of interaction with the board rather than just reporting once a month or quarter.

Privacy Level and Access Control Setup

As Open Atrium is a content management platform, it maintains a high level of security and access control with each sections, sub sections and group. So the group or team members can access or view that content only and after the permission have been set. A visual indicator shows the user whether this content is public or private.

Allow Modularity – Pick and Choose the Functionality that Suits Your Needs

Open Atrium is quite flexible and allows customization to any organization. Users can choose the functionality to build a system according to their needs and this is an incredible approach that attracts many organizations to work on the Open Atrium platform.

Plug and Play Functionality For a Site

It is a pluggable, flexible and collaborative platform; using the app store of Open Atrium, a user can pick and choose the functionality as per the need of his site.

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