The cloud infrastructure industry has bet big on Linux. Providers of AWS managed cloud hosting service are focusing on the advantages that Linux offers in terms of security as a well-diversified operating system. While there are many things to consider while choosing and installing operating systems, there are quick and handy ways to deploy certain software that are beneficial to the cloud system of any organization.
This particular quick start basically deploys ‘SIOS Protection Suite’ for ‘Linux’ over the ‘Amazon Web Service Cloud’. SIOS Protection Suite for Linux offers a firmly integrated set of failover agglomeration, consistent application observance, knowledge replication, and various customizable policies. ‘SIOS Protection Suite’ for ‘Linux’ comprises ‘SIOS LifeKeeper’, ‘SIOS DataKeeper’, and several ‘Application Recovery Kits’ (ARKs) for safeguarding business-oriented applications and knowledge from various disasters.

The SIOS Protection Suite for Linux on AWS designs an extremely handy Linux cluster under a ‘virtual personal cloud (VPC)’ within any individual Amazon Web Service Region over 2 Availability Zones. It additionally helps in ‘out-of-the-box’ protection for various SAP systems, Oracle databases, and different business-oriented applications.

This Quick Start is basically for various organizations who desire deployment of ‘SIOS Protection Suite’ for ‘Linux’ across Amazon Web Service for bolstering their verification or production processes. This protection plan incorporates Amazon Web Service design for ‘SIOS Protection Suite’ for Linux and then basically deploys it directly into the users’ Amazon Web Service account in a short time.

This quick start utilizes Amazon Web Service ‘CloudFormation templates’ for deployment of ‘SIOS Protection Suite’ for Linux into a ‘virtual personal cloud (VPC)’ under an individual Amazon Web Service Region over 2 Availability Zones.

What Benefits Do The Users Derive?

Users can take advantage of this Quick Start to establish the subsequent SIOS Protection Suite atmosphere on Amazon Web Service:

A single ‘virtual private cloud (VPC)’ with connected non-public and public subnets and various security teams over 2 Availability Zones.

An entranceway to permit access to the web.

In every public subnet, remote administration for up to 4 Linux bastion host instances.

Within the public subnets, remote administration via remote Desktop gateway server.

In the general public subnets, 2 Network Address Translation (NAT) based gateways for permitting outward-bound net access for resources within the non-public subnets.

In the non-public subnets, 2 cluster nodes that include SIOS Protection Suite for Linux as a high convenience software system.

Technical Specifications for This Architecture




Single AWS Region with two Availability Zones.

Instance type

Minimum recommended: t2.medium.

Operating system

See the SIOS Protection Suite for Linux Support Matrix.

Elastic IP address

1 Elastic IP address for every host instance, up to four per public subnet, and another Elastic IP address catering to Remote Desktop Gateway server if any.


2 instances for Linux cluster nodes.


2 volumes for every cluster node: 1 home and 1 for backup data.

How to Deploy SIOS Effectively?

To construct users’ ‘SIOS Protection Suite’ for Linux across Amazon Web Service without taking too long, go along the directions given within the preparation guide.

The Method of Deployment SIOS Comprises Following Steps:

1. If users do not already possess an Amazon Web Service account, register at once!
2. Register for the trial of ‘SIOS’ Protection Suite for LINUX or obtain a runtime license by connecting to SIOS.
3. Take the SIOS Protection Suite for Linux on RHEL 7.4 - BYOL AMI within the Amazon Web Service Marketplace.
4. Go ahead as drawn out in the Quick Start directions, depending on initial configuration:

- Deploy a new VPC
- Deploy your existing VPC

5. Take a look at the deployment by confirming that the total stack has been designed with success, and that the lcdstatus command reports that failover scenarios are enabled for all kinds of resources.

Cost and Licenses for SIOS

Users are accountable for the value of the Amazon Web Services utilized when executing this deployment. The Amazon Web Service ‘CloudFormation’ example for this Quick Start comprises configuration based parameters which users can customize. A number of such settings, like type of instance, can have an effect on the value of deployment, thus affecting cost. CloudOye keeps this and many other things in mind while devising the best AWS managed cloud service for its highly venerated clients.

This Quick Start utilizes ‘Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)’ from Amazon Web Service Marketplace. Additionally, the above deployment of ‘SIOS Protection Suite’ for Linux operating system utilizes technicalities that may be beyond non-technical users, furthermore users may exercise the choice of employing a proficient AWS Partner as the managed cloud hosting provider.