AWS EC2 is a specification of Cloud hosting service, provided by Amazon Web Services. AWS EC2 is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is also a specially designed web service. This particular web service, AWS EC2 provides totally secure resizable capacity for computation, in the Cloud, for its users.
AWS EC2 is exclusively designed to facilitate the services of availing correct Cloud computing capacity, by the user. Amazon Web Services EC2 makes web scale Cloud computing much easy, especially for the developers. AWS managed cloud service provides a simple interface for web services, with Amazon EC2, to the users. This simple web services interface allows the users to procure and configure the capacity of Cloud computing very easily, with minimum possible friction.
The simple web service interface from Amazon EC2 also allows the users to have complete control over their resources for computing. It also allows the users to run on the established computing environment of Amazon.
Amazon EC2 is a big help in drastically reducing the time needed to procure and boot a new server, for the users. Thus, Amazon EC2 provides its users the facility of having the power of immediate scaling of the Cloud computing capacity, both ways, up and down. This scaling of Cloud computing capacity depends on the requirements of the users of Cloud computing, for their use, whether the users want to add or remove Cloud computing capacity, as per their computing needs.
Amazon EC2 is also a revolutionary way to change the economics of Cloud computing. Amazon EC2 is a “Pay per Use” service for its users. In Amazon EC2, the users need to make payment for only that much Cloud computing capacity, that has been actually used by the users.
Amazon EC2 also provides the necessary tools to the developers, that help the developers to build applications those are failure resilient. These failure resilient applications are later isolated from scenarios of common failure.

The Advantages of Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is a unique Elastic web scale computing, allowing the users to increase or decrease computing capacity at will.

Amazon EC2 is a web service which provides complete control to the users.

Amazon EC2 is a highly flexible service for hosting web sites, providing options for operating systems, for package of software, for memory, CPU and data storage etc.
Amazon EC2 is an integrated service with other Amazon Web Services, such as, Amazon services for simple storage, Amazon relational data base service and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.
Amazon EC2 is a completely reliable and secure Cloud computing service.
Amazon EC2 is also a very inexpensive service because of its Pay per Use model, with a very low price.

Amazon EC2 or AWS EC2 is a very easy to start service, by using the AWS managed cloud  tools.


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