The managed Amazon Cloud security is a two-way process. While Amazon takes responsibility for the best quality data center infrastructure and network architecture, it allows and insists on the clients to come up with their own protection of their data, assets and IT. This builds up the security aspect and reduces risks to your data. You can use the AWS infrastructure to construct your line of defense. You will have considerable savings since you would be paying on the pay-as-you-use model. This will be much lower than what it takes to deploy in an on-premise environment.

If an organization lacks the expertise to manage the cloud security but wishes to fortify their infrastructure, the AWS experts are available to make them understand the best strategies and integrate cloud controls into their security environment.

The Benefits of the Managed AWS Cloud Security Include:

All the important data and assets in the cloud are secure
It provides enhanced protection consistently anytime, anywhere
Reduces the burden of constant monitoring and managing
Optimizes cloud security investments and improves your ROI.

The Managed AWS Cloud security solutions:

Managed Security:

Simply migrating to the AWS cloud will not eliminate risks or threats. Monitoring is mandatory and important to maintain compliance with industry guidelines. Managed AWS cloud security norms will allow you to focus 24/7 on your core activity with their integrated monitoring. Their responsibility includes identifying true irregularities, self-service learning, advanced reporting, threat recommendations to enhance productivity.
This will reduce costs, minimize the risk factors, speed up the protection in the on-premise and AWS environment, and allow you to leverage the AWS cloud with better confidence and lesser reserves.
AWS Cloud Incident Response:

AWS employs the best responder team have the experience and skill to determine and detect the cause of the attack. They obtain details into the vulnerabilities to mitigate such incidents again in the AWS environment. The AWS Incident Response and Management Team works 24/7 to help you develop a response plan before an incident. The services include Proactive incident management services, Incident Response services, and Incident Coordination services.

Cloud Security Consulting:

The AWS managed cloud consulting and GRC (Governance, Risk management, and Compliance Management) services are designed to help an organization to understand how the process of migrating to the public and private cloud is done. AWS can also estimate the compliance mandates than a service provider is implementing in case your business uses that Cloud Services Provider.
Cloud Guardian:

It fills in the security gaps and reduces the risk factor to make sure the cloud hosting control panel is configured securely.