AWS or Amazon Web Service has Amazon CloudWatch as a specialised service for its users. Amazon CloudWatch is a service that provides monitoring service. Amazon CloudWatch monitors the Cloud hosting resources of Amazon Web Services. Amazon CloudWatch also monitors all the applications, the users run on Amazon Web Services.
Amazon CloudWatch can be used by the users for collecting and tracking metrics. It can also be used by the users for collecting and monitoring log files. Amazon CloudWatch is a huge help to the users, for them in setting high resolution alarms. The users can also visualise the logs and metrics, parallel to each other. The users are at their liberty to take automated actions as per situations, for trouble shooting and for discovering ways for optimisation of the applications. Amazon CloudWatch helps the users to make automatic adjustments, as per the changes made in the resources of AWS cloud managed services.

The Advantages of Amazon CloudWatch-

Amazon CloudWatch helps the users to access all their data from a single platform. Amazon CloudWatch makes monitoring of the Amazon Web Services resources easier for the user. Amazon CloudWatch is associated with more than 70 services of Amazon Web Services.

Amazon CloudWatch makes possible for the users to make very rich and deep insights for their resources from Amazon Web Services, through its monitoring service of AWS resources.
Amazon CloudWatch provides the users clear visibility across all their applications, the computing infrastructure and the computing services, those are on Amazon Web Services. The users are enabled to visualise CPU utilisation metrics and memory utilisation. It helps the user to diagnose the problem, if any and to understand the root cause of the problem.

Amazon CloudWatch helps in reducing Mean time to Resolution or MTTR. This helps in making improvement in total cost of ownership or TCO. This is done by enabling the users to set high resolution alarms for taking automated actions.
Amazon CloudWatch helps the users to drive insights for optimisation of applications and resources for operations. Amazon CloudWatch provides a view of unified operations, real time granular data and historical references to its users to optimise the performance and utilisation of resources. Amazon CloudWatch helps the user in leveraging the native features of CloudWatch.

There is no minimum fee for Amazon CloudWatch. The user need not make any up-front commitment for Amazon CloudWatch. The users have to simply make payments for what they have used. The user has to make the payments at the end of the month for her/his usage.


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