The AWS Certified Solutions Architect is well-suited to those having experience in designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. Candidates must however keep in mind that AWS has updated the exam with a new version – the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam. This was released in February 2018. The original version will be valid until August 12, 2018.
The reason for the update according to AWS managed cloud is that the original has become archaic with time, platform changes and innovations. If you want an edge in the IT marketplace you must hone-up your cloud computing skills with one of the better known cloud computing certifications. Keep in mind that it is never too late to leverage the best of what the cloud has to offer.

Cloud is becoming more critical to the IT space than ever before with demand for cloud related skills growing at a breakneck speed.

Why Choose A Specific Certification?

Certifications grade your skills and knowledge against IT industry benchmarks. The certification will convey to your employer that you have the right assortment of cloud skills and expertise. So why wait. Take your career to the next level by choosing from one among the most sought after computing certifications.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is one of the top cloud certifications. It covers the basic concepts, latest trends and the best industry practices. With the demand for cloud computing professionals slated to grow, AWS Certified Solutions Architect is sure to help candidates gain an edge.
Companies after all are looking for professionals who have inclusive training in cloud hosting and who can assist them in implementing a custom cloud environment into their infrastructure.

Job Stability

If you armed with the latest skills in cloud computing, be certain that volatile market conditions will not negatively affect you. This is because most businesses find it difficult to find IT professionals with skills in cloud computing.
Be assured that cloud computing offers exceptional opportunities. In the US and UK a little over 40% of companies are looking to hire people with cloud computing skills. Nearly half of these companies confess they find it hard to get professionals with cloud computing expertise. Statistics also reveal that most of the businesses are running applications or experimenting with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)- indications that cloud professionals are needed.
Certification Promotes Credibility
Any IT company looks for three important attributes- certification, training and experience. If you have vendor specific certification such as AWS it means you have the necessary skills to assist your company cut costs and implement workloads and projects on cloud platforms. Keep in mind that for IT managers cloud implementation means taking a leading role in the market to innovate or reinvent their skills.
For entrepreneurs, being armed with cloud computing skills means having the ability to launch businesses with minimal cost. While only 30% of the companies may have achieved cloud penetration, it is a different story for start ups. For them it is 100% straightaway.

What Could Be The Reason?

A present day startup is a high growth, technology oriented company. People are drawn to such companies because of the anticipated rewards and scalability.

Such companies have lower initial costs, and a higher potential ROI. Let us try to understand this a bit more. An entrepreneur that owns a successful startup is running a scalable business, which means the capability to grow fast with limited budgetary investment.
It is not surprising therefore that they look for AWS Certified professionals, who can limit their company’s upfront costs, scale resources on demand, and genuinely deliver the advantages of doing away with housing, power and cooling infrastructure.

According to a survey, the average compensation for cloud computing jobs was the highest of all specialties in 2017. A forecast says that in the coming years IT specialists with experience in cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) will be in high demand.

The emerging story is clear. The rise of cloud computing firms in all shapes and sizes implies the trend is for faster and broader access to computing resources.
In India cloud computing is all set to transform the edifice of business. With a profusion of vendors and international players like Google and Amazon and the concept of Digital India taking strong shape, there is underlying urgency for enterprises to switch to cloud computing.

Cloud has the potential to deliver higher accessibility, better geographical reach and enhanced business continuity. The Digital India initiative is a good example as it revolves around three key mainstays- infrastructure as utility, digital authorization of citizens and government services on demand. Delivering government services information via the cloud across mobile platforms is another meaningful application of cloud capabilities. Considering all these aspects it is safe to assume that the demand for cloud computing skills will be vigorous at least in the near future.


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