It is now common knowledge that an AWS certification is a sure ticket to career growth. It is the best way to enhance your experience before prospective employers. Incidentally, reports from IT Skills and Salary Survey in 2015 revealed that on an average, the pay of 4 certifications exceeded $100,000. You may not get a guarantee of a six-figure salary simply because you are AWS certified; but there is no harm in adding this feather to your cap.
Why Should You Get An AWS Certification?

In the last few years, IT has grown bigger than ever before and both IT service providers and ecommerce companies have grown in numbers. Even businesses in other sectors are increasingly using IT solutions for their own operations. So, cloud adoption is on the rise and each day, businesses, big or small, are using some cloud solution or the other for boosting their businesses. Since Amazon is perhaps the greatest player in cloud technologies and can offer a suite of solutions for all businesses, it makes sense to get an AWS certification. AWS-specific jobs are steadily increasing in number and there is a demand for IT personnel trained in such skills.

The companies posting for jobs related to the AWS certification has grown much more than other IT jobs. IT employment seekers need to know which the most lucrative jobs are there in their field. Of the AWS certifications, the more popular ones are AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, AWS Certified Developer Associate, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional, AWS Certified Big Data Specialty and AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty.

Is The AWS Certification Worth It?

Whether the certification will be worth the number of hours you have prepped for the course is what you must find out. According to salary assessment service PayScale, the Solutions Architect jobs are the most high-paying ones followed by the DevOps engineers. These Solutions Architects have to own great communication skills and also an in-depth understanding of the best architectural practices for AWS. Developers need to have expertise to choose the right AWS managed cloud solution for an application. SysOps or the System Operations Staff will have to know how to manage and deploy fault-proof systems on AWS.

How An AWS Certification Can Help Your Career?

With an AWS certification your career is not put on hold at any time. With this certification you get instant recognition as a cloud computing professional and the demands for such professionals is currently very high. Demands are only expected to grow in the near future because regardless of their sizes, almost all businesses are embracing the cloud. Since Amazon is already a name to reckon with in the cloud hosting world, a certification from it will only increase your salability.

For anyone taking up AWS certification, job security has to be a prime concern. With this certification under your belt, you can expect to earn more. Salaries being offered to cloud professionals are much higher than what regular system administrators have been getting so long. If you can get this certificate early in your career you can add new skills in cloud technologies and keep moving faster in your career.

This certification will also give you more expertise in one of the most sought-after skills in the market today. This helps to boost growth prospects and you can keep increasing your specializations in cloud computing. This will slowly make you an asset for any company. Unlike certifications from other vendors, the AWS certification is not something which needs a lot of prior specialized training. So, you will not need to give up your job or pay a huge fortune to avail of courses for this certification.

The best way to get started is to opt for the Certified Solutions Architect Associate certificate. This will get you familiar with AWS ecosystem and you can proceed further from here onwards. Moreover, to make sure that your credentials are valid, you will need recertification every two years. Time taken for AWS certification is much less than what is needed for other certifications. The recertification will involve either advancing to your next level or taking one more recertification exam for the current level at a lower cost.

So, to conclude, AWS certification is a good move to kick start your career. You can enjoy many advantages with this certification because you can validate your existing skills or expertise in the cloud platform. You will find yourself in a list of top-paid certifications globally. You will be offered better jobs and higher salaries and accepted in the industry as reliable technical experts with the finest tech credentials. You can get to know like-minded peers as well as AWS thought leaders.


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