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Content Management System (CMS)

CMS or Content Management System is a web hosting system that allows companies to define parameters and allow access to more than one user at various levels. They can manage various areas of the content of your website using CMS. The content of any website can be classified under different heads such as articles, press releases, events information, blogs and many more. Content Management System can be Traditional or Open Source Content Management Systems or Hosted Content Management Systems.

Content Management Systems can be used for publishing and managing content and create a web portal that provides valuable and fresh information to users. CMS targets users by creating a proper and logical workflow. It usually defines the route of the new content around the existing system.

The hugely popular and user-friendly WordPress and Drupal are examples of an open-source content management system. They are preferred for use on design blogs and developer forums. However, these are not the only available options when it comes to choosing CMS. Hosted CMS of certain types are also capable of providing users the opportunity to customize and brand the CMS.
In such instances, clients will be exposed to the branding of the designer and not that of the service provider offering the CMS platform. The designer can even get a commission on the hosting fees component which can result in a steady stream of residual income for designers using CMS to build websites for their clients.

Joomla is another widely used and extremely popular CMS applications and ideal for creating major websites for corp-orates or for community-based portals. The powerful admin interface of Joomla and its user-friendly features make it the best for information and data management of a large size.

There are other CMS platforms too available for individuals as well as organizations.

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