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The full form of AWS is Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary firm of the parent organisation,
Amazon Web Services provides Cloud computing platforms to its customers, as and when they make a demand for the service. These customers are individuals, companies or government authorities or agencies. Amazon Web Services provides Cloud computing platform to its subscribers, in exchange of a fee.
Amazon Web Services is a continuously growing unit of E business, that is functioning within, the parent organization of Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services is renowned for its providing of highly reliable and scalable Cloud computing service, to its customers, which is priced very low.
The Services Of Amazon Web Services

The Cloud computing technology that is offered by managed Amazon Web Services allows its customers to have a virtual cluster of computers at their disposal. This virtual cluster of computers is practically made available to customers for round the clock use, by amazon web Services. This availability of virtual computers is through the internet service.
The Amazon Web Service's versions of all virtual computers literally copy almost all the attributes of a real computer. It includes the computing hardware, such as the CPU and GPU for processing, RAM or local memory, SSD storage or Hard Disk Space for data storage etc. It also offers a choice of operating systems to its subscribers with networking and all pre-loaded application software, such as, CRM, web servers data base etc.
Amazon Web Services virtualises its console. It includes the key board, the mouse, and the display on monitor. The subscribers of Amazon Web Services can connect to their virtual systems of Amazon Web Services, by using a latest browser.

This browser works as a Window. This window goes into the virtual computer. This allows the subscribers to log in into the systems. The subscribers can now configure and make use of their virtual computers, exactly as they would make use of their real physical computers.

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