Cloud computing offers businesses the opportunity to improve their operations and maximize their profits. As per a research, small businesses can achieve twenty-five percent extra revenue growth due to cloud computing.
So, how does cloud computing make such a major impact? There are multiple answers for this. But, the answers, in general, gravitate towards simplifying processes and improving productivity for web design agencies. Let’s find out in detail.

Improved Security

Instances of data breaches and hacking are increasing with each passing day. This results in valuable data being lost. You also end up losing valuable time, effort, and money. The consequences can be dire.
For example, around seventy percent of businesses have to close down within a year due to a major data loss. You wouldn’t want all that for your business.
But, with cloud computing, you can protect your data easily. The data can be backed up by a cloud backup service provider. 

The data is stored in a reliable, encrypted manner on their servers, guaranteeing security. Even if your data copy gets stolen or corrupted, you can turn to the backup.
For example, a web-design agency in New York can safely store its website design data on a secure, encrypted cloud server. Even if a data breach does happen, they can download the data copy stored on the cloud and resume operations as normal. 
Businesses can choose to back up the data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. But, it is recommended to backup data center as frequently as possible so that you always have the most recent copy for retrieval purposes.

Enhanced Collaboration

Web designing teams are spread across different locations due to remote working. Collaborating in such a setup can become difficult. 
Team members will have to do back-and-forth over calls or emails continuously. This results in loss of time and reduces productivity.
But, using cloud computing makes it easier for design teams to collaborate in real-time. And using cloud computing goes beyond making changes to documents and waiting for them to sync. You can manage entire projects, through the different pipeline stages, with cloud computing.

For instance, services like Trello help easily manage projects through card systems. Similarly, software like Slack makes it easier to communicate with team members, irrespective of the team size.

Increased Productivity

Enhanced collaboration naturally results in increased productivity. Design teams can save a lot of time, resources, and money due to cloud computing. Employees can focus on their tasks instead of answering calls or emails related to any design mishap.
Moreover, cloud-based tools offer better cybersecurity than the standard office-based IT infrastructure. They are more resilient against viruses and blackouts. This again leads to increased productivity as it saves the downtime that is experienced in such disruptions.

More Flexibility

Scalability is a major issue faced by many website design businesses. As the business grows, it becomes difficult to manage different aspects of web designing. For instance, businesses may find it difficult to hire new talent due to saturation. 

Similarly, it can become difficult to handle and communicate with a large team.
Cloud Hosting tools can solve such issues and help you scale easily. For example, businesses can hire talented remote workers without any collaboration issues, thanks to cloud communication services like Skype and Zoom. 
Similarly, project management becomes easy due to cloud-based project management apps. This offers the flexibility that is required when you want to scale your business to the next level.

More Savings

When compared, cloud computing is more cost-effective than traditional methods. Businesses can easily scale their operations up or down and save money. How? Because with cloud computing, you only pay for the resources you use. Thus, depending on your current needs, you can increase or decrease the resources required and pay accordingly.

Cloud computing services are also getting more affordable by the day. There are no upfront capital costs for hardware, reduced software costs, and lower IT support costs with cloud computing.
Moreover, such scalability also prevents site crashes if the traffic increases unexpectedly. With bandwidth control, you can upscale the resources easily when needed. Once the need decreases, you can scale down the bandwidth requirement.

Improve Time To Market

Cloud computing can help improve time to market significantly, resulting in business growth. As per research, cloud-based data management can improve time to market by about twenty percent.
Cloud computing enables us to get instant feedback from clients. Designers, in turn, can quickly work on fixing the issues based on the feedback. This helps enhance the speed of service and improve the time to market.

Go Mobile

There are about six billion smartphone users in the world and this number is rapidly increasing. Cloud computing enables designers to access the tools they need anytime, anywhere on a mobile device. 

This means designers can work on their projects instead of wasting their time during the commute or when there is no access to a computer.
Most cloud computing service providers have started focusing on improving their mobile apps/services to accommodate this growing demand for smartphone cloud computing apps. There is a mobile app available for almost every desktop app that helps users to work on the go.

24/7 Backend Availability

Cloud-based systems are available round-the-clock. With such an uptime guarantee, employees can access the system whenever and wherever needed. Businesses can have flexible work hours for their employees. 
This also means that businesses can update the software or release new products from anywhere, anytime seamlessly.
Additionally, if anything goes wrong, cloud computing service providers offer 24/7 customer support. This can help solve any issues that might come up unexpectedly.


Cloud computing enables web design agencies to create a virtual office that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. It results in increased productivity, reduced operating costs, enhanced security, and various other benefits.
If you aren’t already using cloud computing services for web design, it is time that you implement it at the earliest. It will help streamline your operations, grow your business, and make you ready for the upcoming growth in demand for connectivity.