The exponentially growing data has enabled a sea change in the way organizations perform. It is transforming the long-held assumptions, practices, and funding approaches. To begin with, the healthcare industry that is collecting and analyzing heaps and bounds of data of patients, both expired and suffering, to take better insights of the crippling diseases, such as diabetes, malaria, chicken pox, and paralysis, to manufacturing industry that’s in full-swing, utilizing ever-burgeoning data to drive greater manufacturing and operational efficiencies. The motif behind the rampant adoption of cloud hosting and big data initiatives across all industries remain the same, i.e. to garner greater insights into how they can excel and outmaneuver the competitive forces.

Sensing the benefits and opportunities that cloud hosting services big data can deliver, more and more organizations are trying to gain a hold on experts with hands-on experience in managing big data ecosystem. However, the bad news is this growth is not in tandem to the availability of skilled professionals to handle big data activities. The demand for big data expertise is soaring high with every passing day. This situation is quite depressing for companies with budget constraints. 

Where There is a Will There is a Way…

This adage proves relevant in this terse scenario. For businesses, encountering issues in finding professionals powered by great Big Data handling skills owing to budget constraints, there is still a ray of hope.

This blog attempts to elucidate some of the best alternatives that can help you leverage big data’s potential:

Discover Talents and Motivate

Companies are hard-pressed with an expectation to make the most out of their resources, and believe me, this concrete approach will help you in capitalizing on big data power. Discover the talents of your in-house team and motivate them to extend their capabilities to meet your big data goals. The skills needed to deal with big data, such as analytical thinking, business acumen, and communication adeptness are not a Herculean task and can be developed within your team members, provided you offer them with the right training and guidance.

 Shape Your Talented Cadre of Team

Help your internal team members who you have picked up to perform this job. Today, there are hundreds of free tutorials and research papers available to study the data science. In addition to this, a number of universities run online courses on big data and analytics; they often provide proper certifications once the candidate successfully completes the course. Help them to register for such sources and learn about this platform.

Thinking Outside the Box

The next thing, I would suggest is to connect with sources, either on the temporary or permanent basis to gather and analyze data for your initial projects. You can take help of institutes that have data science department. Today, a lot of companies hire interns for summer training. You can also hire interns to help you perform data analysis, and in exchange, you can mentor them with skills needed to survive and thrive in today’s tough competitive environment. Also, if you find a few of the interns doing a great job, you can absorb them later on. It is extremely important to pull up your socks and seek ways that work best for you.

Harness the Power of the Crowd

Another compelling solution that companies can consider is to opt for crowdsourcing. The idea of crowdsourcing is gaining traction, helping companies to transform the way they work. It allows businesses to tap into hundreds of expert data specialists worldwide to accomplish big data projects. Companies like Uber and Airbnb are the best crowdsourcing companies that have handled the supply to a large group of users including their own employees to meet and exceed end-users’ demands. Businesses can leverage this platform to get their job accomplished with their set budget boundaries.

Tapping Into External Service Providers

Besides crowdsourcing, you can also consider outsourcing your big data projects to a third-party service provider with right statistical, analytical and computer science skills. There is a host of service providers, both big and small available in the market, prudently handling big data needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Exploit the big data potential to make smarter business decisions, gain faster time to market your products and services, and better returns on investments.