VPS hosting solutions are more dedicated in nature than shared hosting ones. That’s why the occurrences of downtime and other menaces confronted by website users decrease with the adoption of virtual private server. However, there is a question that is asked by the webmasters – which is the right time to move from shared hosting to a VPS one? Frankly speaking, there’s no readymade answer for that. A webmaster has to understand the inflexion point from experience. Until and unless one faces difficulties with the existing shared host, there’s no meaning of upgrading the hosting solution. However, there are some signs that can tell you when to move to VPS server from the existing shared server.

Correlation between Downtime, Server, Money, and your decision to move from Shared to VPS

Let’s try to find out the answer by checking out some of the facts and real life experiences and suggestions. To check the facts it is important to start from the very beginning. When a blogger or small business owner starts his or her journey, he/she doesn’t start with VPS or dedicated server because of the higher cost associated with them. To take a rough estimate some experienced bloggers say that they should allocate only one-fifth of what they earn from their site to the hosting company. An example will help clear the air. If a site owner earns around $200 from a site monthly, he/she should allocate around $40 to the hosting company. If $40 can be spared on a monthly basis then the user can easily opt for VPS hosting solution. Until and unless you start earning that much amount from your site or blog, it’s meaningless to make the shift and pay more for a better server. To consider another thumb rule, it can be said that a webmaster should opt for dedicated server (costing around $200 monthly) when their monthly income from the concerned site(s) reach $500. This means, when site’s income reaches $500, 40 per cent of the same can be allocated for dedicated hosting. Though this can be a viable answer for upgrading hosting solution from shared to VPS or even to dedicated server, it can’t be said that it can be the solution in every case. For getting to the crux of the matter, it is important to point out that the whole idea of server adoption depends upon the best way for handling traffic. Every single dollar you pay your hosting solution is accountable and that’s why you should pay the hosting company prudently.

Exceptions are there and their plausible reasons

There are many bloggers who earn US$700 on a monthly basis from their blog but still haven’t moved out of their shared hosting platform, which costs just $5 per month. One of the plausible reasons of such phenomenon is in the fact that the concerned blogger has a terrific conversion rate, much higher than average site owner. It can easily be inferred that thumb rules work for most but there are exceptions too. That’s why it can’t be said that what is right for one person is also going to be right for another person.

But... When to Move from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting?

If you still have this question in mind, it should be said that there are certain factors that determine the choice of hosting. In this section some of those important factors would be pointed out so that you can decide on the best time to move to VPS from shared hosting and thereby choose the right VPS hosting provider in India.    

#1 Has the traffic to the site increased by over 30 per cent? Has daily page views crossed 5,000 on a daily basis? If yes, change to VPS.

#2 Has your blog become an important income source lately, earning way to the north of $400 or even $500? If yes, you can’t take make your viewers wait and let the page load after a long time. There’s no way that you can entertain any downtime (not even for 10 seconds) because that will drive your visitors away. In addition, if you see that the monthly income rate is 30 per cent, it should be understood that the time has come for you to upgrade your server to either VPS hosting or even to a dedicated server.

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