Web hosting services have truly revolutionized the online universe including ecommerce industry that owes its existence to these services. You only have to look at the sheer variety of web hosting solutions and plans to appreciate the development of web based hosting services in India.

Rising Popularity of Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting has taken Indian hosting industry by storm as more and more customers continue to explore wide spectrum of benefits by adopting cloud computing. Cloud based hosting services are not only more affordable but have also matured in recent past with improved security features.

Fundamental objective of cloud hosting is to facilitate users with an easily accessible platform for sharing of information and storage. Cloud hosting services are also used to allow use of computing hardware and several types of infrastructure resources.
Unlike the conventional types of hosting services, cloud hosting provides multiple servers to store data for improved availability, redundancy, and scalability of server resources.
Compelling Features

Cloud hosting helps website deliver excellent performance, thanks to a large array of its features. Whether you are running a small business website or a large ecommerce portal, cloud hosting vendors have a variety of plans to suit every type of user.
Flexible nature of cloud hosting services is backed by ability of real-time dynamic scalability. Some of the most reputed cloud vendors in India make sure that their clients’ websites are always available in spite of sudden traffic surges. Users can also upload complex applications including payment gateways to enhance their business.

Every single features of cloud hosting service can be effectively controlled by users. These include vital resources of servers such as compute power, operating systems, storage, and even the most significant hardware components. Server configurations and other parameters can be altered according to the requirements of mission critical website.
Whether you are at your office or on a business trip, your cloud services remain consistently accessible. All you need is your password and other login credentials to gain full access to all features of cloud hosting services.
The most vital aspect of any hosting service is compliance with security norms. This particularly more applicable to cloud services as these are delivered via the medium of internet. Cloud storage services are known to adopt stringent measures of network and infrastructure related security to provide seamless guarantee of data protection from cyber criminals.

Progression of Cloud Services in India

Every time you operate a smart phone or any other internet enabled device to access or upload data, you are leveraging cloud services. Indian consumers have been exposed to cloud based applications for a long time. Similarly, Indian cloud hosting service providers have gained amazing expertise to command robust confidence of Indian as well as overseas clients.

Penetration of smart phone in India can be understood simply by looking at the scale of smart phone ownership that stands at a whopping ninety percent of total population. Online shopping is an established trend among Indian consumers who are convinced is about convenience and other benefits of accessing ecommerce sites for purchasing anything from pin to even an automobile.

Add to this the phenomenal growth of startup industry that is leveraging cloud hosting services for development, testing, and launching of applications. IT organizations are also engaged in using cloud solutions more than any traditional options for storage and delivery of mission critical information.
Cloud is also gaining excellent acceptance as a go to platform for delivering applications. There are hundreds of reputed cloud vendors in India and every service provider has succeeded in creating a strong customer base by designing a large bouquet of cloud hosting plans.
Thanks to the flexible nature of cloud solutions, users are extremely happy about ability of modifications and alterations. It is hardly any wonder that almost every enterprise is embracing cloud services for storage of digital assets. It can be safely assumed that cloud adoption is a new standard in the vast landscape of hosting services.

Way forward

Indian hosting service providers have an undisputed record of adapting to the latest technologies in the domain of cloud computing. Similarly, new as well as established companies in India have shown outstanding eagerness in adopting cloud computing to shift their on-premise workloads.

The total turnover of all Indian cloud hosting service vendors is projected to surpass $ 1.7 billion by the year 2020. This figure is enough to underline the extensive acceptance of cloud hosting services across India’s digital landscape. It is observed that majority of reputed cloud hosting providers from overseas locations are making a beeline to explore business potential of Indian cloud hosting industry.
For customers, this must sound as music because the overall costs of cloud adoption are definitely going to reduce further. Cloud hosting plans will also be designed to suit all types of customers irrespective of sizes or business vertical.


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