Cloud computing is driving businesses by accelerating wide range of business processes. It is also boosting online presence of enterprises by offering a plethora of features that have innate potential to support SEO of business websites. Superior website ranking is the direct effect of improved SEO. It can propel prospects of business in terms of improved overall health and better revenue generation. 


Accelerated page loading

Page loading speed determines overall browsing experience of a particular website. Faster loading pages of a website not only increase the footfall but also enhance engagement of site visitors leading to higher conversion rates. The speed of page loading is used as a vital factor for SEO ranking of website by leading search engine.

It is interesting to note that Google considers User Experience or UX rating as a significant analytical matrix for assigning ranks to websites. Higher User Experience ranking can be achieved by improving website speed. Switching over to cloud hosting from traditional hosting can certainly improve page loading speed due to improved availability of resources.

Geographic location of hosting

Websites need to have host server located in close proximity of the visitor in order to deliver content in the shortest possible time. It is for the same reason why enterprises are creating sites with country specific domains that are hosted in the particular regions. You will find that if you happen to be located in India and search for, then you will be asked to continue with So instead of finding local hosts for faster content delivery, organizations are relying on cloud hosting. It empowers your website with availability of servers located at multiple positions. Your website is automatically directed to the closest server in relation to the visitor for faster loading.    

Location of host significantly influences SEO ranking since a user in US will be provided with US specific search results in preference to sites from other countries or .com sites. Users prefer to host all websites on cloud including .in, .us, .uk, because the cloud platform will automatically direct visitors to relevant sites. Instead of acquiring local hosting for websites to reach local customers, many enterprises are now leveraging cloud hosting as an economical and efficient and SEO friendly alternative.

Malicious bots

One of the most critical irritants to performance of a website is presence of automated scripts that are maliciously programmed and known as bots. These bots are responsible for negative SEO impact on websites.

There are several types of bots and they have potential to play havoc with security and performance of websites. Organizations implement wide spectrum of initiatives to protect sites from bot attacks.

Scraping bots are known to degrade search engine ranking of websites by way of content duplication. Since presence of duplicate content can adversely impact SEO, one needs to deal firmly with these bots.

Link spammer bots are designed to jeopardize SEO attempts by way of sending spam-mail. Spambots such as email spambots gather email addresses for creating mailing lists and dispatch unsolicited mail to the recipients. Search engines take serious view of this and may also ban such sites.

Cloud hosting providers make sure that their hosted sites are offered flawless protection link spamming against bots. Cloud hosting facilitates sharing of high end resources that are essential for organizations to acquire high tech capabilities.


In conclusion

In addition to security against bits, cloud hosting also offers reliability and rapid resolution of issues. Clients can also look forward to economy of utility based payment system. Improved website performance is guaranteed due to on demand provisioning of resources.

Search engines attach great significance to visitor experience. It is found that faster page loading, absence of malicious bots, and assured website availability are vital factors for an enhanced user experience. Therefore we can safely conclude that cloud hosting has excellent potential to positively influence SEO.

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