When it comes to digital marketing, there are two surefire ways to generate revenue. The first one is to bring more visitors to your website in order to amplify sales; the second one is to make changes into your existing website so that the sales can be optimized with the same level of traffic your website attracts.

SEO (works on the first aspect) and has the potential to bring visitors to a website. However, it is not necessary that these visitors will convert to customers. SEO will bring traffic to your site but how would you know that the traffic your website has attracted is the right one? In this context, conversion rate optimization (CRO) that focusses on converting web visitors to customers is an important tactic. It is globally recognized as a key to measure and accelerate return on marketing investment. In fact, it is all about return on investment. Over recent years, the value of focused conversion optimization has increasingly risen in importance.

According to Wikipedia, CRO is a system for increasing the number of visitors landing on a website that further convert into customers, or performing any required action on a webpage. It enables you to analyze your sales funnel to determine different ways that can encourage more and more users to sign for the services you offer.

Keep reading! The blog further attempts to throw light on the trends and ways that help business to uplift conversion rates:

Simplicity: CRO is simple. A website that is designed and developed simply has the potential to engage more visitors, and convert the leads into sales. It is observed that leads covert to sales on the call to action (CTA).

Split Testing: Testing is one of most important aspects of conversion rate optimization.Conducting a standard A/B split test will pay off best outcomes as it presents statistically relevant results and shows how optimization efforts have helped in deepening your business’s roots. This kind of methodology is the process of A/B testing different versions of landing pages and web pages to know which has attracted most visitors to convert into sales.

Understanding: CRO depends more or less on research work - both qualitative and quantitative. It is important to gather data about your intended customers, their needs, pain points and budget. It is true that you can’t envisage growth, if you misinterpret who your customers are and what they are looking forward. Test every small change you have implemented as it may also affect your conversion rate.

A/A Testing: Most entrepreneurs settle with split testing, however running an A/A test before you head for A/B test the results will be more explicit and comprehensible. A/A test is performed on two same versions of the same web page. Doing this will give you the basic idea plus it will let you know if your software functions appropriately.

Content:  Content is a key element in business levitation, this is not what I am saying, but what experts and most of the research report have proved. Remember both content and presentation has an impact on conversion rate. So, try making change in your headline, formatting style, and color combination – test it and you will get to know the difference it has made.

Complexities: A simple design and easy navigation engages customers whereas complications lead to abandonment. In addition to this, latency issues also contribute to poor conversion. A page that takes time to load not only suffers in terms of page rankings and obstructs the aimed process. That’s why it is always recommended to look for a data center provider that offers high-end web hosting and cloud server hosting solutions to its customers. Also, ensure that such offerings are backed by stringent network uptime and security SLAs. The best way to improve the rate of conversion is to improve these factors and test it.

Let’s take a look at the factors that curtail website performance:

Lack of creativity, awareness, team experience, budget, and over emphasis on usability testing are accounted as the major factors that do not let the website to engage traffic.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization is So Valuable? 

Conversion rate optimization aligns a brand with its profit motifs. It is one of the best and emerging marketing techniques. The best thing is that every user interaction with the website helps in building your brand visibility – sounds great!If any of such interactions aren’t turned up into right direction, certainly it’s going to hurt your cause –don’t you think so?Here an in-depth understanding of CRO turns the traffic into leads and sales. Interesting thing is it is based on logical process that virtually aids traffic conversion.

To develop a great CRO program, you need to know about three things:

- Monthly traffic that your website receives

- Current Conversion Rate

- Average Value Per Visitor 

Follow the below flowchart for effective CRO execution:


The importance of CRO as a marketing methodology is increasing for organizations across all industry verticals as it has the potential to peddle your business to the mettle. However, it is recommended to follow the right course of actions before you embark.

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