If you are planning to build a website then the next thing that comes to mind is hosting. Some of the most popular hosting solutions include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting service and VPS hosting. Shared hosting is quite affordable in comparison to other hosting solutions. Even though it is affordable that doesn’t make it the best hosting solution for your website. VPS hosting is better than shared hosting because it offers more features than shared hosting.Your website serves multiple purposes such as displaying your products and services to your customers. 

It also allows you to sell and collect payments from your customers. It doesn’t matter whether you are an e-commerce website or a blogging website, the security of your website is your major concern. Hosting includes various features such as security, performance and loading speed. All these features combined ensure that your website runs smoothly.

What Is A Virtual Private Server?

VPS hosting india has gained a lot of popularity because it offers a unique combination of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Due to such attractive features VPS hosting has become the first preference of companies worldwide.In a virtual private server all of your company data is stored on a virtual server. VPS hosting provides a more secure environment in comparison to shared hosting. 

The reason VPS hosting is more secure is that you don’t have to share the server with other users as you do in shared hosting. A virtual private server is more suitable for websites that are receiving a significant amount of traffic on a daily basis. VPS hosting also gives more control to the user making it even more secure.you can install the software of your preference and also select the operating system of your choice. 

Here Are A Few Pros And Cons Of VPS Hosting:

Pros of VPS Hosting:

Easy Customization

VPS hosting allows the user to install the software of their preference and users are also given root access to the server, allowing them to customize the environment to suit their needs.

Higher Security

VPS has higher standards for security as a single user has access to the server. In terms of security VPS hosting is comparatively much better than shared hosting. Paying a little extra to ensure the security of your website is a wise move especially if you are in the business of handling crucial customer data such as payments and personal information. In VPS each server is separated from the other which reduces the risk of any security threat.

VPS Web Hosting Prices

As far as price is concerned, shared hosting is much cheaper than VPS hosting. Dedicated server hosting on the other hand is much more expensive than shared hosting and VPS hosting. VPS hosting will give you the benefit of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Choosing VPS hosting can not only fulfill your website requirements, but it can also help save a lot of money. Choosing VPs hosting instead of VPS hosting can also prove to be a cost effective measure for your website.

Server Access and Maintenance

In VPS hosting the host handles the maintenance and the management of the hosting platform. The host will ensure that the server software is up-to-date allowing you to focus your attention on other important internal matters such as sales and marketing.On top of that VPS also allows users to create mailers or FTP access for their colleagues. This is another reason for you to consider VPS hosting over shared hosting for your website.

Technical Requirements

It is necessary to possess a certain level of technical skills if you are planning to use VPS hosting for your website. VPS hosting also provides more resources such as memory, storage and bandwidth for your website. Most of the hosting providers also offer a wide variety of hosting plans that allow scalability to better manage your traffic.

Cons of VPS Hosting:


If you have certain budget limitations then VPs hosting might be a bit expensive for your company in comparison to shared hosting.

Server Management

If you are planning to go for unmanaged hosting then you should possess a certain level of technical skills otherwise you might find it difficult to manage your hosting environment. If you fail to take the necessary security measures in a timely manner then that can jeopardize the security of your website.

Choosing The Right Operating System

VPS hosting comes with two popular operating systems: Windows and Linux vps hosting  Initially, you might find it difficult to choose between the two operating systems. Linux has a user-friendly interface and Windows comes with the credibility of Microsoft.Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of VPs hosting you must have gained a better understanding of how it works.  

If your website is receiving a moderate amount of traffic then you should definitely go for traffic. Once you have chosen the right hosting solution then the next most crucial step is to choose the right hosting service provider for your website. Go4hosting has emerged as a leader in the hosting domain. They are offering impeccable hosting services at affordable prices.

Windows VPS

Windows VPS hosting  is the hosting that utilizes the Windows platform for providing hosting services. Windows hosting is known for its scalability and reliability. If you are planning to use Microsoft products such as Active Server Pages (ASP) and Microsoft FrontPage for website development then you should definitely go for Windows hosting.

As mentioned earlier, windows hosting is a hosting platform that simply runs on the windows operating system. Windows hosting is perfect for websites that are implementing Microsoft products such as asp, asp.net framework 4.5, ms access & MS SQL database, front page hosting etc.

Windows VPs hosting comes with the credibility of Microsoft that has gained huge popularity among the users over the years. On top of that if you have already used the Windows platform then you will not face any difficulty in handling your hosting platform. As we discussed, using a windows based hosting platform also gives you the added advantage of using Microsoft products for your website. 

Windows VPS is a perfect combination of windows operating system and VPS hosting. Windows VPS hosting can truly improve the performance of your website and boost your productivity and help generate more revenue. 


Security of your website is of the utmost importance for any website owner. The crucial and vital information of your customer’s needs to be protected at all costs. As a website owner you need to ensure that the sensitive information of your customer stays safe. In a virtual private server you can be sure that your company data is safe and secure. As mentioned earlier the virtual servers remain unaffected by the activities of other users which prevents any unauthorized access from a third party. 

If you are looking for an affordable hosting solution that keeps up with your growing website then you should certainly choose virtual private server hosting for your website. VPS hosting not only offers dedicated resources, it also ensures the security of your website from any unauthorized third party access. We hope that this article helps you to choose an ideal hosting solution for your website.