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E-mail Aliases

Email aliases are nothing but email addresses which refer to other destination addresses. So, one can use the email aliases instead of using the full original address for sending emails. In short, the email aliases function as virtual email addresses or as forwarding email addresses. These are created so as to provide alternative addresses which may be simpler to remember when there are very complex and lengthy email addresses. All the emails which will be sent from or forwarded from the aliases will always refer to the main email address. So, the email alias will not have its own mailbox; it will simply forward all the emails to the main email id.

The email aliases will typically be configured on mail servers and on the control panel of the service provider. Such an email alias may be assigned to a single email or a single user only. One email address however can always have multiple aliases. There are some situations where the email aliases can be highly beneficial. For instance when you are trying to sell some product online you can create such an alias for correspondence with customers till the sale. Once the item has been sold, you can easily delete this alias to stop receiving any more emails to that address. Another useful instance when aliases are useful is when a worker leaves a company or is suspended.

You will not require his mailbox anymore but you may wish to receive future emails that are going to be sent to his address. So, you may add the alias to your own inbox to get emails that will be sent to him. To post a new job, you can create a temporary email alias rather than your own official address. When this position gets filled, you are free to delete the alias and you will stop getting any more junk emails.

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