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Email auto responder is an automated email marketing message software that enables sending messages and notifications to subscribers. The email user can decide the order and frequency of the messages. It works as a tutorial educating and updating about the events and a brand’s products to the subscribers as well as the potential target audience.
The auto responder is a pre-written message which is automatically generated when a customer or a visitor submits an email to an email address. They are a popular choice and widely used by websites and serves as an acknowledgement of a visitor’s comments or suggestions about a product. It typically is a thank you message for an order placed or for any suggestion given.

Individuals can use the auto responders when they are away on a holiday or on a trip. They can leave messages that they have received the email and they will respond/ take action once they return. The messages can be sent in advance to known clients/ customers/contacts or can be automated as a reply to all the emails that come into the inbox on the email server.

Setting up of email auto-responders can be done from the server control panel. Users must create a name/address where all the incoming mails land. Users must create an alternate “forward message to” email address which will enable them to read the emails. The auto responders cannot be replied to i.e. if somebody replies to the address it will not reach the user and will bounce or will only be adding to the loop if the response has come from, another auto-responder.
The autoresponder keeps a track of any bounced email and wrong address and automatically remove the names from the mailing list. It is important to check the capacity i.e. the number of emails it can accept per day so that it fits into a client’s customer list without missing anyone.

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