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Enano CMS is a hybrid content management system which can act as a CMS, a Wiki or both at the same time. Enano CMS is released under the GNU General Public license and is freely available. Enano CMS has a solid core and efficient and responsive a user interface. It also offers some robust plug-ins that allows you to expand on the Enano CMS core services.

Enano CMS is relatively lightweight “hybrid” CMS whose major focus is on being fast, secure and extendable. It is simple to use, simple to manage CMS. Following are the basic features of Enano CMS that makes it a preferred choice.

1- Great Administration Tools - Enano administration features 20 sections which makes it easier for people to organize their administration interfaces using either drop down menus or icons.

2- Feedback - Users get to leave comments on all articles using a streamlined AJAX-based flat style discussion system support.

3- Fastest Installation - Enano CMS has the fastest setup including very fast verification and easy keyboard navigation.

4- Support - Enano CMS supports swappable CSS files and templates making it easier for users to design themes and include colour schemes and alternate layouts.

Enano CMS has a beautifully designed user interface. It was designed to take care of the gritty details so that you can develop your applications core functionality on top of Enanos reliable and open API. It takes care of databases abstraction, user management, URLS, page layouts, caching, Java script based effects on windows and much more.

Enano includes powerful administration capabilities and a variety of plug-ins to add portals, forums, blogs and other features. Enano no longer receives new features or security updates as the maintainers of Enano CMS project have decided to move on from the project.

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