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Email Security

What is email security in a nutshell?

Email security is defined as collective measure that are utilized to secure access and email account content or service. It permits an organization or individual to secure one/two or more email accounts/addresses’ access.

Email service provider utilizes email security in order to secure email accounts of subscriber and data.

It is a Wide Term, Encompassing Various Techniques That are Utilized to Secure Email Service. Some of the Email Security Measures are –

Password rotations
Strong passwords
Spam filters
Anti-spam and anti-virus applications based on desktop

Also, an email service provides makes sure security of email by accessing control mechanisms and utilizing strong password on email server. In addition, it implements software spam filtering apps and firewall in order to restrict untrustworthy and unsolicited delivered email messages to the inbox of user. 

Email security in the cloud is another matter that is increasingly given more and more focus due to concerns surrounding the security of the cloud. Email services, however, continue to remain as secure as ever due to advanced security tools.

Resources of Email Security Resources

1. Microsoft Exchange Server- It is the most famous messaging platform that has anti-spam/anti-virus security features and encryption in-built in the software.

2. Sophos PureMessage-  It is a part of data protection and email security of vendor, specially made for Microsoft Exchange. Also, it blocks phishing, spyware, viruses, and spam. Sophos PureMessage scans outbound, inbound, internal emails and exchange the message stores.
3. Microsoft Exchange Hosted Encryption- It provides encryption that is policy based from recipient to sender with no need of software installation or end-user training.
4. Symantec Mail Security- Made for Microsoft Exchange, Symantec Mail Security 6.0 is a combined email security suite that offers protection from spam, security risks, and virus threats though imposing policies on the 2000/2003/2007 Microsoft Exchange servers.

5. Websense Email Security- It offers email security by hindering inbound/outbound mail threats at network gateway. In addition, it offers granulated reporting and policy control, and also secures confidential data in the attachments and email.

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