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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a process that involves the practice of analyzing, designing, planning and implementing of strategies being adopted for the success of a business. It in simpler terms refers to a process of aligning the two policies of expensive IT infrastructure that businesses were investing on and implementing it effectively to their needs. The complexity has only been increasing with the rising costs and reducing value. The enterprise architects as the practitioners are called perform duties of analyzing business structure and its development.


Enterprise Architecture Can Benefit Businesses in Achieving Their Goals in Many Ways. These Include

- Making the necessary structural designing and redesigning at times of mergers or new additions through purchases and at times of internal changes in the structure
- Bringing stability and standardizing various business processes.
- Creating work priorities at times of new decision implementation
- Collaborating and creating smooth communication channels among project implementers
- Publishes documentation for speedier implementation of policies and strategies
- Increasing efficiency of resource allocation and system designing while developing and testing
- Contributes to the IT planning activities and helps in faster decision making saving time.
- It prevents risk to the businesses from security breaches and system failures.


The enterprise architecture is being implemented to process and plan the designing of IS/IT functions and shift it to becoming a valuable asset rather than a burden for the organizations. The enterprise architect limits their responsibilities to only the IS/IT aspects. Another concept suggests that EA is to be implemented to achieve consistency among the different departments of an organization. The third school of thought advocates EA as a method of improving and maintaining the capabilities of a business for their viability. It lays stress on ways of improving and creating innovative ways to improve its capabilities.

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