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An email client refers to a computer program which can be used for accessing and managing user emails. This is an application which can run on your desktop or personal computer and allows you to send and receive emails and organize them. Since email systems are typically based on client-server architecture, it is called a “client”. So, mails are sent from multiple clients to the main server; this server then re-routed the email to its intended destination.

How Does An Email Client Work?

The email client is therefore a desktop application which lets users receive and transfer emails from their computers. So, the email client will need an email address for installation and the address must be configured so that the user can start to send emails. These settings will include the address, password, IMAP/POP3, port number etc. Mails are delivered using the MTA or Mail Transfer Agent belonging to an email service provider and emails are sent using the MSA or Mail Submission Agent. Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook are some common examples of email clients.

An email client offers multiple benefits; to begin with, it is a huge time-saver because you may have many email accounts and to check for new mails in each of them will take up a lot of time. However, when you have an email client like Outlook, it automatically downloads the mails across all your email accounts and you can access them conveniently from a single place. A second advantage is that messages get stored on your personal computer and this is important when you want to make sure that all your past emails are secure. When your mails are in a web server elsewhere, you are not sure when the email service may delete them. You can also save time by accessing these emails from a file on your own computer than downloading a huge file from the Internet. Finally, email clients are also useful because you can work on emails even if you are offline. This ensures better productivity even if you are on the go and do not have Internet connectivity. 

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