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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems are needed by all modern businesses to take care of different aspects of any business. However, the basic problem with the ERPs is that these are costly and complex; the hardware is expensive as are the consulting fees. ERPNext is software which can allow businesses to manage and organize the activities of different departments. ERPNext is basically an open-source online system which targets the small and medium-sized businesses and helps companies in matters like sales, accounting, human resource management, inventory and purchase, administration, CRM and manufacturing. So, this system is found to be very useful for businesses in retail, manufacturing or distribution.

The ERPNext software has been built using MySQL as database and Python. The web app underlying it is Frappe which is a distinct platform for deploying web-based applications. The key features of the ERPNext are cross-compatibility as it is capable of being used over many devices and platforms. The Metadata model allows you to customize applications minus programming. It comes with easy-to-use interface which is productive and understandable. It assists in the organization of calendars, time log entries, project, built-in to-do lists, embedded reporting systems and messaging service. It will also prepare reports for all the company sales, support requests, quotations and newsletters, communication etc. between the existing and prospective clients. It offers power accounting services with tax calculations, built-in tools for banking, payment vouchers, multi-currency support etc. Finally, ERPNext will also take care of inventory in warehouses, stock management batch-wise or with serial numbers and human resources, managing attendance and leaves, appraisals and payrolls. ERPNext, therefore, proves that ERP software does not always have to be complex in order to be effective.

ERPNext Hosting

At CloudOYE, we offer top-of-the-line hosting solutions catering specifically to ERPNext setups and websites. As an entity with over two decades of experience in the cloud and infrastructure space, we specialize in ERPNext cloud hosting. If you are using ERPNext for business and seek a hosting provider that understands the platform in and out, consider one of our pre-configured plans or get a customized solution for yourself.

CloudOYE is a leading ERPNext service provider offering solutions on Cloud Hosting Services & Dedicated Servers Hosting. Call our technical experts at 1800 212 2022 or mail us at

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