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ExpressionEngine is a content delivery platform created for site administrators, web developers, designers, content creators and the end-users. The software has been developed by a company called EllisLab and is written in PHP script with MySQL database for storage.

Features of ExpressionEngine:

Responsive Design: ExpressionEngine has been built from scratch making it a responsive design site for the end-users to access the content from anywhere and on any device including mobile phones and tablets. The control panel is simple and adjusts to different screen sizes with ease and giving the end users a unique experience.

Develop Communities: It allows the users to create active communities and total control over the member management. Create multiple groups and assign permission levels for creating and consuming of content.

Security: The CMS comes inbuilt with anti-spam filters and offers patches and updates to the software frequently. Software updates can be done in a flash with just a couple of clicks.

Templates: It offers easy to use yet robust ways to write templates. Users need not have high level programming skills and techniques build excellent sites.

Flexible Content: It allows storing of any type of content and customize it with links, calendars, newsroom, directory, tables and files as per business requirements.

Tools: It offers tools and applications that allows the content creators to easily publish their content across multiple platforms from any location and on any device and at any time.

ExpressionEngine also allows and supports third party security features like Captcha verification, email verification, user ids and passwords etc.

ExpressionEngine has a free version for individuals and non-profit organizations and a premium full version with license fee. The users have to again take a separate license for support and plans. It is a powerful CMS and is being widely used by businesses across the globe.

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