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Web hosting in cloud or cloud hosting basically refers to a type of hosting where a single site can enjoy virtual resources of many servers that form a cluster or “cloud”. In other words, the client enterprises in this type of hosting pull their resources from a huge resource pool of multiple web servers that are interconnected. Web hosting in cloud is advantageous because clients can access resources whenever they need to according to demands of their sites and they end up paying only for resources they use and nothing extra.

What Are The Benefits of Web Hosting in Cloud?

Cloud hosting can be IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS or Platform as a Service and SaaS or Software as a Service. In IaaS, clients get the virtual hardware resources upon which they are free to install their own software. In a PaaS, the client is also given the software environment like the operating system, web server software or database support.

- When you choose cloud hosting, you can benefit from a high degree of reliability. Since hosting is in a virtual environment where clients can access resources from multiple servers, even if a single server crashes, the site does not slow down.

- The underlying physical computers are equipped with data center security measures and this means that when you host your site in a cloud, you can also enjoy these strict security provisions for data protection.

- Resources are made available on demand basis and this ensures a high degree of scalability for your site. When there are traffic spikes, the customers can get additional resources from the cloud easily.

- Finally, cloud hosting is very cost-effective because you end up paying for resources that you use and nothing extra. There is also no wasted capacity when demands decline. Moreover the load balancing feature is based on software and guarantees that resources are accessible whenever demands change.

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