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Windows refers to a suite of programs which are collectively called an operating system. This operating system will be able to control any computer. The Windows war first released by Microsoft in 1985 and since then, it has been regularly updated. With the introduction of faster processing chips and need for greater computer memory, Windows has had to be modified accordingly. Before the Windows, computers were basically run using text commands.

How Windows Makes Our Lives Easier:

Windows offers many important benefits which is why this operating system is so popular among computer users. To start with, the biggest benefit is of course the fact that Windows lets users interact freely with computers using the mouse, keyboards, speakers and microphone. Windows will control hardware which is connected with any computer like the scanners, printers, cameras etc. It will also store data in the form of files; this data can be in the form of text, images, video or audio files.

Windows enables users to open programs and close programs whether the user is playing games on his PC or using a word processor or a photo editor. Windows will also control the access enjoyed by different users as far as security of the machine is concerned. It handles errors, user instructions and it can also render error messages for users. Using the Windows, users are able to do multiple tasks at the same time. So, one can listen to music while writing an email to his employer.

While you will find many other operating systems on the market today like the Apple OS which is a must-have for Mac computers, Windows remains most popular for people who are starting to learn how to work with a computer. The advantage of using this operating system for beginners is that it has ready-made solutions which may be deployed by just about anyone. To make Windows more user-friendly, Microsoft has worked incessantly to introduce more and more easy-to-use versions.

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