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What Is A Virtual Data Centre

A Virtual Data Center is a collection of cloud infrastructure resources that have been designed especially for the business needs of an enterprise. These resources are:

• Computer,
• Storage,
• Bandwidth,
• And Memory.

These resources can be made available at any time to businesses or projects since the worry of physical capacity has been eliminated.


1. Less generation of server heat – since fewer servers are used, the heat generated is quite less.

2. Reduced costs – with virtualization, a data center would have less hardware, less maintenance issues, less use of electricity, all of which lead to diminished costs.

3. Reduced carbon footprint –reduced use of hardware means a green thumbs-up.

4. Easier disaster recovery
– with virtual machines, you remain safe from disasters in a big way.

5. Flexibility and scalability - The main reason of selling of cloud is because it is flexible and scalable. Virtual data centers are also same thus they provide same benefits.

6. Business focus - You may not have enough resources to manage your physical data center. Rather than focusing on the budget cloud storage, you can store all the files in the virtual data center.

7. Easy management - In a virtual data center, the cloud service provider will take of the maintenance of the server of an organization. 

Apart from these, there are many other advantages of a virtual data center.

In cloud computing, a virtual data center falls under the category of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

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