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A Windows-Based Virtual Private Server runs the operating system from Microsoft called Windows. There are quite a few versions of Windows servers in use these days, some of which use fewer system resources than others. It is generally believed that Windows Hosting plans are easier than Linux’s. It is also believed that from a security standpoint, a Linux web server is more robust than Windows.

Currently, a Windows OS uses more system resources like server memory than Linux. It also costs slightly more than a Linux VPS. Generally, this is more noticeable with entry-level plans since while a Linux VPS plan can work with 256 GB or RAM, a Windows VPS Hosting plan will require more. In medium-to-high level VPS hosting plans, a much more usable amount is provided anyway, and so this aspect is not that important.

Windows-based VPS offers the users the ability to have and run a part of the server themselves. It is definitely a much cheaper option than a dedicated server and an infinitely better option than a shared hosting account. The user gets a certain amount of guaranteed RAM and a maximum amount of burstable RAM, which is an important feature during busy times and when a memory-intensive application has to be run for a short time.

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