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What is Cloud Enabled Networking?

Cloud enabled networking refers to the process of saving cost, promoting efficiency, scalability, etc by using cloud computing infrastructure, application and services to control, manage and operate a standard/physical network.

CDN is a type of cloud networking that enables transition of one or all form of network management processes and policies from a cloud. It is a networking that only requires an internet connection and work over any physical infrastructure, wired or wireless, public or private. Another distinct advantage offered by is that it does not require any other additional hardware other than that required for basic internet connectivity. This type of networking uses device subscription pricing thereby negating the requirement of any upfront cost.

Cloud enabled networking, as the name suggests, is a series of interconnected devices centrally controlled and redirected using cloud technology. The cloud enables connections across devices and helps to keep all the bugs under check through a single management system. The advantage of a single central system is the added ease in management and the flexibility to implement newer technologies at will without too much work.

Cloud networks are similar to virtual private network( VPN) because they enable users to securely access files, printers, applications, etc. from anywhere in the world, on any device. However, cloud networks are multi-tenant private virtual cloud networks that overlay the Internet. Cloud networking is a new way to market distributed enterprise networks that delivers enterprise-class network capabilities around the globe via a highly resilient, multi-tenant application that requires no capital investment in networking equipment.

In cloud enabled networking, the core networking infrastructure, packet forwarding, routing and other networking services including data remain on the standard physical network. However, network management, monitoring, maintenance, security and /or other network administrative processes are performed/enabled through the cloud. 

Cloud-enabled networking helps in the process of using cloud computing infrastructure, applications, and services to control, manage and/or operate a standard/physical computer network. Moreover, it allows easy transitioning of all forms of network management processes and policies from a cloud service provider.

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