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WHM, expandable to Web hosting manager, is the administrative support for cPanel based internet web hosting servers. It is made by cPanel Inc. It allows a web hosting provider easy customizable tools to manage their customer accounts. WHM is a Linux based administrative control panel application that is used by website administrators and webmasters to manage, maintain, upgrade and offer patches to the servers. It offers complete flexible and total control over server management. WHM supports CentOS, a Linux distribution, RedHat Linux and Cloud Linux.

Multiple WHM servers can be deployed to make tasks more comprehensive and by doing so you will eliminate all the short ends that are associated with a single WHM web hosting server.

Features of WHM Hosting:

There are Several Benefits that the User Gets From WHM hosting account. They can

- Generate unlimited multiple accounts

- Gives root access to the server if configured to do so and it can also be configured to restrict access to functions.

- Create customized hosting packages

- Add domains to the server, set up private name servers on the server

- Manage accounts and packages

- Reset and form new passwords and email accounts for the cPanel accounts

- Manage the Resource limits for cPanel accounts

- Access the unutilized accounts without the need of user ID details

- Offers system and control panel maintenance

- Automatic data backup and ensures seamless operations when transferring data between two cPanel servers to ensure there is no data loss.

WHM is a well secured platform. Even if one of the accounts is compromised by hackers, WHM has the ability to isolate and ensure that the other accounts are not affected. It manages security effectively with SSH keys, PHP scripts and traceroute data tracking. It also ensures privacy as each of the cPanel accounts attached to the WHM are individual and not connected to one another. WHM is widely used by system administrators to create new accounts, delete or copy cPanel accounts. WHM is an all in one solution of client management, billing and support system designed ideal for online businesses.

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